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The Coolest Technology For Your Home.

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(ThySistas.comThings have got really cool since the internet arrived.  Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how we ever functioned without it.  We did, many moons ago.  Wifi technology means life can be that little bit simpler and a whole lot cooler so check out are awesome list of the best technology you can enjoy at home

Tired Of Shopping?

Amazon has taken shopping to a whole new level with their awesome Dash Buttons No longer do you need to leave your house when you run out of toilet paper.  Simple fix the branded button to your bathroom and next time you get caught short, give it a press.  Using Amazon’s same day service means your supplies could arrive within 2 hours! We are eagerly waiting for Amazon to release a wine Dash button.  Prosecco to order! Perfect!

Switching Off The Lights A Little Too Much Effort?

Don’t panic! The new Echo Alexa is here! Think of this highly personably gadget as your new slave.  Using wifi enabled plugs you can ask Alexa to do anything from switching off your lights to restocking the fridge. You can even grumble to her about your kids forgetting to turn the washing machine on.  She’s a step beyond Siri who tends to get confused over simple phrases.  Amazon have really enhanced their voice recognition hardware meaning less mistakes and less work for you.  We heard you can link her up to your automatic hoover! Bliss – robot takeover.  With all the spare time you have you can consider making your house style a little more modern too.

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Wireless and cheaper technology has made home security more accessible than ever.  With cameras and alarms set to trigger alerts on your phone and the capability of tapping into your security system and watching live from your tablet, you can watch your kids or keep an eye on your suspicious acting cleaner, although if you have Alexa, you probably won’t need a cleaner anymore. Check out alarm reviews list of top security systems to find the best one for your home

The Magical Fridge

Are you too busy to open your own fridge? Well now you don’t have to.  Samsung have released the Family Hub Refrigerator.  Equipped with cameras inside so you don’t even have to open the door to see what snacking potential you have.  The Hub makes a note of everything in the fridge and has a stock replenishing system so instead of sitting down to order your groceries, your fridge does it for you!

It doesn’t stop there.  Are you ever torn between holding your tablet during a video call and using your hands to graze the contents of your fridge?  The Hub is equipped with a screen so you can take and make video calls whilst munching away on last night’s chinese or searching for items to use in your dinner.  We think this sounds like the ultimate breakup friend!

With all this new available technology you get more time for enjoying the things that count and less time worrying about the little things!

Staff Writer; Carla Jones

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