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Money Coming Between You And Your Man? Avoid The Problem By Working Out Where Your Finances Stand.

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( Relationships are complicated. Making room for someone else is a constant struggle. When you get it right, it can be amazing. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. When it comes to money, things get even harder. No longer is the man the breadwinner. None of us even want that, right? The fact that women can earn as much, if not more money than their partner, is fantastic. Even so, it can make for uncertain ground. How do you start to make your finances work together? If you and your man have been arguing about money, you may be struggling to find sure footing. You aren’t alone. Here are a few steps you might want to consider. A little thought is all it takes to make your joint finances work!


Sharing is always essential. That’s especially true when it comes to joint bank accounts. The best way to make things work is to half everything. When you’re both paying your fair share, it’ll be harder for arguments to start. How can money come between you when you share things correctly? It’s up to you whether you join all your finances, or keep your shared account for bills and rent money. It may be worth doing things that way. Then, no one can be accused of spending more than their fair share. What’s yours is his and vice versa, but we all know it’s not that straight cut. It’s important to come to this decision together. If you’re worried about mingling your finances, tell him. He’s sure to understand. He may even be feeling the same way and not want to say. If you’re opting to keep your account, make sure your partner understands why. Don’t leave him thinking that you’re not willing to share with him!


It’s important you both treat each other. You may think your man should be the one to treat you, but men require appreciation too. When you go out, make sure you offer to pay sometimes. If you go shopping, buy him treats to show him you love him. Make sure that you’re not doing this to receive back. Those treats should be signs of your affection, not points in your relationship. Don’t hold it against him if he doesn’t treat you as often. Don’t think that you have to take it in turns! Playing games with the money you spend on each other is a sure way to problems. Treat him because you love him. Bear in mind, though, that resentment could start to build if only one of you puts that effort in. As soon as you start feeling that he’s not giving in the relationship, take the time to talk to him about it. Don’t let feelings of resentment fester. A lot of the time, you’ll find that he didn’t think about it in the same way!


Saving money should be a joint effort. What this means can vary. It could be something as simple as checking a site like before you make a costly purchase. It could mean a joint savings account that you both pay into. If you have a particular goal that you’re saving towards, it’s only fair that you both put money towards it! It may be worth setting up a savings account for your home. That way, you’re both covered if something happens. This could save some awkward conversations about who’s going to pay if a problem occurs. If you do go down the joint savings account route, agree on a set amount to pay in. That way, you can be sure that no one’s paying more!


Communication is key to any problems in a relationship. Money issues are no different. Make sure you reach decisions together. Make sure, too, that you talk to each other if anything is annoying you. If one person thinks the other is draining the finances, they need to say! How else are you meant to understand how each other are feeling? Bear in mind that conversations about money are never easy. The way you approach the subject is important. You may want to act in a defensive way if your partner questions you, but hear him out. The same goes for if you want to talk to him. Be careful not to accuse. Express your concerns in the most tactful way possible. If you’re not sure how to approach the problem, sites like should give you some idea.

Staff Writer; Yolanda Love

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