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Love with All of Your Heart.

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( Sisters life can be scary, and uncertain. We see the worst of it every time we turn on the news or log on to social media. Many of us have loved to some degree, and lost. Some of us have seen sisters so badly hurt by love that we write it off. Due to experiences, and testimony of others, many of us are skeptical of love and being emotionally attached to any individual. This is why we put so much into careers, and in some instances family. Because of the above mentioned sisters sell themselves short every single day.

We create what we call “standards” when in actually they are more like a gauntlet of challenges that are unrealistic, and can only be achieved by a man who is indeed perfect. Let me be clear, I am not talking about real standards that are born out of an understanding of self-worth and value. Sometimes we ask men to do things that we are not capable of, or simply won’t do because we are afraid of love. We are afraid of heartbreak.

Not wanting to endure hurt is natural and there is nothing wrong with it. However, fear in any form is debilitating and it robs of us of our freedom to be. When we are so fearful we hurt ourselves we must reevaluate what is happening to us. Hardened hearts are dangerous to have. Contrary to believe they are not devoid of pain…being numb over time is painful, and destructive. True love is a beautiful thing and it reminds us of how valuable and special we are. Yes, it may seem scary but it does exist. There are brothers out there that are gentlemen, accomplished, strong, full of integrity, and they have a heart yearning to love.

However, if we don’t acknowledge this we will forever remain numb falling for the decoy brother that has nothing to give…and we sink everything into him. Just as you have standards so do men. Sometimes we won’t get that love that our heart desires from a particular person, or it was the right love at the wrong time. Yes, those situations suck, but that doesn’t mean we should close ourselves off forever.

Having love radiating within us give us strength. When we do love sisters we must do so wholeheartedly. Yes, our past may be crazy and wracked with pain…but it is not our present. Living in the past robs us of our today, and our tomorrow. Trust me I understand that this can be very hard as I have loved and lost quite a few times, but I’ve also won. Being loved by another gives us the confidence to take on the world in ways we could never imagine knowing that we have someone to call home.

Yes, there are rotten men in the world and some of us have been burned by them. Yet, at the same time there are some magnificent brothers out there to…don’t deprive yourself the pleasure of their company. Remember there are men out there that encounter some pretty jacked up women…but they just haven’t met a queen like you. Just because he has seen she-devil doesn’t mean you don’t exist. Sisters divorce fear and live free. Love with all of your heart when love arrives.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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