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Black Women and Self Worth.

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( From bad bitches to baby mamas, black women seem to embrace and honor disrespect from men and society at large, so much so that since will even give an explanation to why is okay to call themselves such names.

One lady I spoke with told me that bad bitch was a compliment to her.

Is there any wonder that black men see it fitting to tell the world that black women are the least among us? If black women accept being called names like baby mama, bae, BM, bitch and whore… How can we be seen as anything more in the eyes of our youth?

There was one an uproar about the detrimental effects of rap music in the 90s, as it depicted black women as the words I mentioned above. What happened? Black women decided that the guys were okay to make rap money anyway because, ‘They not talking about me.’.

This enabled what we see now in rap videos with loose women and strippers being glorified as the women of choice to black men. They’ll even make it rain on ‘bitches’ to prove a point… That you’ll be rewarded for degrading yourself.

Where’s the respect for upstanding black women? How can young girls learn self respect when they see black women glorifying and accepting degradation?

How can black women teach young boys to respect black women, when all they hear is black women singing along to derogatory music and answering to bad names?

How can any self respecting man want a woman who allows themselves to be called baby mamas, side chicks, etc., instead of girlfriends, wives and mothers?

Not all black men see their women in a bad light, however, with the overwhelming number of women who see themselves in that light, is hard for a good black man to redirect their women, instead, looking outside of their race for respectable women.

It’s fact that black women accept these lowly terms, so how can men see themselves confidently with their own women?

Black women as a whole, should start to eradicate such terms from their vocabulary. Words are powerful. In fact, spiritually speaking, what one thinks and talks about on a continual basis is what one becomes.

The young girls of black America can do there’s a favor by finding out who they are individually, rather than continue to accept their value based on who older ‘bad bitches’ see themselves.

Be a wife or girlfriend, rather than a BM or side chick. Honor monogamy, instead of being okay with being the girl in the sidelines.

Be an assertive woman, instead of thinking of yourself as a bitch.

Stay away from girls who call you by such names. Even if it’s a joke, they still feel that it’s okay to degrade you in the name of friendship. Accepting such friendships just encourages other girls to think that you’re a down Bitch who can be degrades, seeing you up to attract disrespectful boys or men.

Honoring and respecting yourself by thinking highly of yourself will attract better quality friendships and relationships.

There’s nothing bitchy about that. It’s all about respect. Start with yourself.

Staff Writer; Celeste Writer

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