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What’s Your Sexual Peak?

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( According to a professional sociological study conducted by the University of Chicago, entitled, The Social Organization of Sexuality, the female libido is contingent upon many things. For females, sexual intimacy and sexual intercourse are overlapped with feelings of emotional security and are extremely subjective to cultural norms and perceptions. This can indicate that sexual desire is easily curbed by upbringing, values, and personal experiences with the opposite sex. One of the biggest libido busters for women of all ages was stress. And while men can become easily aroused, science has yet to figure out in particular what sparks arousal in women. Many sociological studies have come to terms with the theory that for a female, sex drive is often determined by “what occurs between the ears, rather than between the legs!”

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Too many girls of the age group of 17-25 are concerned with the problems of their appearance, their studies, or their career. According to statistics, unmarried women are twice as worried about their sexual attraction and sexual abilities as married women are. 123blackcoupleThe more stable the relations are, the more sexual attraction a woman has. Some research shows that if a woman has sex less than once a week, she has more problems with her menstrual cycle and ovulation than women who have regular sex.

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By 30 years of age a woman, as a rule, has achieved a certain level of self-knowledge. She clearly understands her needs. Moreover, by that time most women have stable relationships. Their libido has achieved its maximum level, and only the birth of a child or some problems at work can decrease it. From the age of 30-40, women are at peak of their sexuality. According to some doctors, women complain of sexual problems during the first years of marriage less often. After the age of 35 and over the level of testosterone starts to fall down – though not considerably enough to affect the libido.

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At an average, this period starts when a woman is about 40-45. About half of women begin to have such symptoms as a drop in sexual attraction, irregular menstruation’s, and vaginal dryness. To stabilize their normal state, women take hormonal contraceptive pills. A woman’s sexuality is also strongly affected by the state of her thyroid gland.

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According to statistics, four out of five American women that are over 50 say that after menopause their sexual life has either improved or stayed the same. American specialists think that sex can even adequately replace hormone restoration therapy after the beginning of menopause. It can, to a greater extent, eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of climax. This period is generally characterized by the beginning of menopause. When women come up to the period of menopause generally after 51, they begin to experience a considerable drop in sexuality, almost down to some kind of dysfunction. It’s not surprising because the secretion of estrogen (the hormone which is responsible for wetting the vagina and blood flow to genitals) abruptly drops, as well as the level of testosterone. The body stops secreting ovules from the ovaries and the menstrual cycle is over.

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