Friday, December 8, 2023

All Sistahs are NOT Angry.

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( Stereotypes are dangerous no matter who uses them. There is a myth floating around that black women are the epitome of Angry Woman. One must actually question what makes them angrier than a white woman, or another woman of color. Why is it that behavior that is seen as thorough, professional, logical or even reasonable from other women is labeled as angry coming from a black woman? Think about it…if black women said yes to everything with a smile would they still be considered angry? They answer, unfortunately, is yes. Granted there are some black women that are angry.

Some have gone through many traumas in their life, and don’t channel those emotions well. There are some that are simply acting a fool, and they embarrass us all. In acknowledging this we must also understand that EVERY race has these kinds of women…AND MEN. Yes, there are some very angry destructive men in the world, but that’s a subject for another day. The problem is the overwhelming 123angry-black-womanfocus on black women as angry. This is inaccurate and it is a driving force in how we are received and treated.

Strength and the willingness to stand is often seen, especially regarding black people, as engaging in anger. We see it happen with black men often. No matter how calm or intelligently they handle a matter in which they find fault, and are willing to address it, they are the angry black man. Black women have to deal with the same challenges. Within community we talk about the pressures of being black in America but that is not just a concept for black men. It’s not just hard being a black man…its hard being black period. All black women are not angry, and strength should not condemn us.

There are millions of black women in this country; to label all of us angry is absurd. Black men that encounter women that have had bad experiences want it to be known that all black men are not he who caused offense. Why is it so hard to understand this position where black women are concerned? Everyone in this life experiences pain and suffering, but we are not all broken. Every sister is not a baby mama, on welfare, nor the ghetto diva we see so much on TV. Then again…every sister is not scorned, trying to keep a brother down, or so intelligent she belittles her male counterpart. We can’t do anything about how we are views outside of community. We must simply continue to have the courage to stand, and be ourselves.

However, within community it’s rather important that it is understood that all sistahs are not angry. Some are together, intelligent, competent and level headed. There are sistahs that know what they want, and they are working hard to achieve in all areas of their lives. They know how to let a man be a man, but they don’t feel the need to lower their standards regarding a man. White women are not asked to settle by their own men…nor others.

There is nothing angry about a black woman wanting to be respected properly, and treated like a lady. If this cannot happen it is natural to be disappointed…that doesn’t imply anger. Sistahs we know we aren’t all angry, and in this we must continue to strive. It’s important that we do not own the narrative of others. Those that love us know who we are, and know not to look at reality TV and judge by such.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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