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Sensuality vs. Sexuality: Is there a difference?

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( Sexuality, which is a common term, revolves around expression of sexual interest especially when excessive according to Webster’s Dictionary. Sexuality is everywhere. On our television, in our music, on our computer screens, it’s everywhere. It shows in how we act or don’t act, in what we wear or don’t, and plenty of other ways that help shape us. Sexuality is blatant. Sensuality, however, is a bit more subtle than that. Or is it?

Sensuality involves the five senses (touching, hearing, seeing, tasting, and smelling) but the difference is you’re immersing yourself in your surroundings. Taking in what you’re touching, hearing, seeing, tasting, or smelling. It could be soft touch from a loved one, the sight of something beautiful, the sound of someone’s laugh, etc. Like someone said, it’s the simple things in life that mean00black-couple-in-bed_exclude the most. Those nuances can speak volumes and exude much more depth than sexuality ever can. Or a is there a real difference

According to Randi Gunther, Clinical psychologist and marriage counselor she describes five relationship behaviors that are believed to underscore quality relationships that are both sensual and sexual. If the partners in any relationship manifest them, they create a magical backdrop for any personal sexual style with sensuality.

1. Timelessness – In order for lovemaking to be as good as it can be, both partners must be in the moment. The body and soul cannot be fully functional if either partner is living in the past or concerned about the future while they are concentrating on each other.

2. Lightness of Being – Passion expresses itself most beautifully when sexual partners can activate the children within them. Anxiety, insecurity, fear of being hurt, or pent up feelings of anger and suspicion, are feelings that bring people down. Joy, fun, and playfulness cannot thrive in their presence.

3. Resilience – At any time during courtship or sexual expression, words or actions can innocently happen that can turn someone off. It can be a simple misunderstanding or a new awareness that emerges during any intimate connection. It may be difficult for many people to bounce back when they are sexually open and vulnerable, but it is crucial to be able to explore what may have gone wrong and stay connected if it can be worked out.

4. The Courage to Blend – Many people avoid true sexual closeness for fear they will be trapped. They might have been taken advantage of in the past or felt they’d lost part of themselves by giving too much. No matter how much people drop their defenses and allow their vulnerability to show, they will emerge on the other end of an intimate encounter altered in a positive way, but still themselves. The courage to blend fully and experience the reality that we are still separate paves the way for intimacy without fear of loss.

5. Openness to New Experience – The reason many people hold on to what they’ve always known and done is intertwined with the illusion of security. If sexual partners continue to be what they’ve been in the past, they will only continue to create what has been. Past experiences create a similar future if people do not allow any new thoughts or feelings to emerge. Given those repeatedly chosen boundaries, they will end up with similar partners.

What makes sensuality special is that it focuses on the beauty of one’s inner self, whereas sexuality is focused almost solely on the outer self and can be superficial. Now that the two have been defined which type are you a sexual or a sensual person? While sex does in fact sell, it can be viewed as cheap and inferior to priceless sensuality. But it’s not any less satisfying. Right?

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