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Yes, I am Pro-Choice.

November 3, 2016 by  
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( The issue of abortion is a hot topic during election season. This is primarily important because the next president will need to make Supreme Court appointments which will decide, in part, if Roe v. Wade continues to stand. One of the biggest problems to some women is it seems that men are making decisions on the body of a women. This is a serious concern seeing that women have to carry, and deliver babies, not men. Women can lose their life in child birth, and that is a reality that I don’t feel lawmakers are taking into account. There are lawmakers that feel women should be prosecuted for abortion. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life really should be a personal decision.

I find it interesting that there are conservatives that claim to be VERY pro-life, but are not at the forefront of programs that care for children. We have starving children, social services without enough funding and education is not a priority but if so many conservatives 2016prolifeare pro-life why aren’t they pushing these agendas. Being pro-life means you support LIFE…living is more than just breathing. If a lawmaker claims they are pro-life they need to clearly make the wellness of children a mandatory concern for this country. Our education system needs reform, and it must put the welfare of your youth first. I can’t begin to reconcile pro-life rhetoric coming from death penalty supporters. Basically, we don’t see decisions that validate a pro-life position across the board…only in the area of pregnancy and abortion.

I am pro-choice, and I have peace with that. I respect a woman’s right to make the decision of whether she is willing to put her life on the line. I know that may sound very drastic but, as a woman that has given birth, it is a risk every mother must endure. Even if you are married and have a loving husband this is one task he can’t do for you. Furthermore, more women than reported are victims of rape. I could never fix my mouth to tell a woman that was raped she has to carry that baby. What do we say to women that are pregnant due to incest? There are just too many variables that come into play for me to feel it’s okay to make another woman’s choice.

I respect the right of fathers, but yet in still it comes down to this woman’s willingness to put herself at risk. In cases whereby something goes wrong in the delivery and the mother is presented with the dreaded decision of living or saving the baby she should be able to make that choice amongst her family. Granted there are many woman that have lost children, and women that are having difficulty conceiving…some of them might be pro-life, and their reason is understandable. Yet, every woman is different, and every situation is different so every woman should be allowed to choose according to her own conscious.

I am reminded that some of the same politicians that want abortion banned also have issues with the welfare system. So, they want everyone to have their baby regardless of circumstances then what? I realize that in my own personal life I am very pro-life. I can’t see myself aborting a baby due to my own personal positions on life. I have faced some of the challenges I have mentions, and should they have resulted in pregnancy I was prepared to keep the child. With that being said I don’t impose that position on other women. As women we must support each other in the right to our own bodies.

We must defend another woman’s right to choose even if her decision is different from our own. In like manner we must be wise about our bodies, and make sure we are educated about our own sexual health. It’s one thing to get raped, and another thing to be careless and make bad choices. Abortion is not prevention so we must educate the women in our communities while standing by them. I respect your right to choose; stand by the next woman’s right to do the same…make a choice.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “Yes, I am Pro-Choice.”
  1. Tara Hill says:

    You are pro-self. You are pro-selfish. You are pro-punishing an innocent unborn baby for your indiscretions. you are pro-irresponsible. You are pro-murder. The woman’s body is the woman’s body. But the baby is an entirely different body that is not yours. The most selfish, self-centered and irresponsible thing a woman can do is to make an innocent unborn child pay for her opening her legs and getting pregnant. Do you understand what life is? Do you know God at all?

    And don’t say that bull about rape or incest or the health of the mother because that is less than 5% of the time.

  2. Tara Hill says:


    The ignorance and inconsistency of SOME conservatives does not validate nor selfishness. Stop placing all conservatives in one basket. you are just about self and trying to disguise that with excuses.

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