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Politics: What is a “Nasty Woman”.

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( I was brought up believing a nasty woman was one who didn’t keep a clean body, home, mind or spirit. Nasty woman were also those that were lacking in the morality department. This has always been a negative connotation. In black community you didn’t want to be the woman that could not keep herself together that was just nasty. Ironically the two places we could learn about this was in church or on the street. In church being nasty went beyond presentation and could be a seen in ones actions. On the street of course the chick that turns tricks was indeed considered nasty. The goal is to give you a distinct mental picture of what is generally seen as nasty. Many of us can agree.

However, I must ask when did nasty become educated? When did nasty come a woman that threatens to sit in the same spaces as men…as in the highest office in the land? This is something to consider for a moment. In the third Presidential Debate Republicanokblack-womanok Candidate Donald J Trump referred to Democratic Candidate Hillary R Clinton as a “nasty woman”. It was one of the comments that was highlighted during the debate as an example of Trump’s ongoing issues with women during this campaign.

This comment was made of course on the back end of video footage being releases whereby Trump was involved in conversations that condoned sexual assault. One would think he would choose his words wisely, but I think they speak to the reality of how some women are seen in this country. We love our First Lady, Michelle Obama. What is not to love? She is graceful, well spoken, a great representative of her daughters, an Ivy League college graduate and she is outspoken on issues that affect the American people. However, during her tenure we must be honest about the manner by which she has been treated…or more like disrespected. This black woman, of whom we greatly admire for just cause, has been seen as a “nasty woman” by many. She has been deemed masculine, unfit regardless of her education background, and has even been depicted as animalistic. It’s easy to simply pass this off as a byproduct of racism.

One has to really look at the issue of sexism in this country. It’s time to ask the question: What makes a woman unfit to lead. It is no longer adequate to pass women off as merely emotional and impulsive. Some of the very traits men claim would disqualify a woman have been seen in the ranks of male leadership. If Hillary Clinton is a nasty women then there are some filthy men walking about. The double standard in leadership is absurd, and irrational. There are men that have served the office of President of the Unites States that make Hillary Clinton look like a saint.

It seems that a certain kind of drive, and ambition makes us nasty. Once upon a time a nasty woman was the above mentioned…Donald J. Trump has redefined that by far. Many women have decided they will embrace being a nasty woman if that is what defines Hillary Clinton’s level of accomplishment. I am not quite ready to call myself nasty, but I understand why woman are galvanizing to turn that negative into a positive. As black women do we choose to join this movement is indeed the question.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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