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Buying A Rural Retreat For Your Vacations? Here Are 5 Things You Might Not Know!

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(ThySistas.com) Let’s face it; there are times where we all must take a break from our lives and go on vacation! For many of us, that means heading to a rural retreat somewhere in the country. It’s a chance for us to get away from the modern world and seek a bit of solitude.

Are you thinking of buying a rural retreat for your vacations? If so, bear these five things in mind first!

1. You might have to live off the grid

That’s not a big deal, but you’ll have to consider how to get power and water to your rural retreat. And what to do with your wastewater and garbage, of course!

2. Your neighbors might annoy you

Sure, a rural retreat means you get away from people that play loud music right next to your property. And you can avoid traffic noises outside your window. But, you might have to deal with other annoyances like noisy tractors. Or even livestock randomly entering your land and grazing!

3. You might get grizzly visitors

It’s not uncommon for bears to wander around to areas inhabited by humans. The key is to find a way to share the land without annoying each other. And, of course, avoiding getting eaten by hungry bears!

4. Visitors to your rural retreat might get lost

GPS navigation doesn’t always work when visiting places off the beaten track! You’ll need to consider that visitors to your rural property might get lost trying to find you!

5. Solar power isn’t as straightforward as you might think

If you do need to go off-grid, you can generate power using solar panels on the roof. The thing is, you need to be somewhere with direct access to the sun. So, if you’re going to buy a place in the middle of the forest, you might need to do some felling!

Plus, the weather can impact how much electricity you create. If you’re interested, here are some of the best places in America for solar power:

Infographic Designed By Semper Solaris

Staff Writer; Tina Parker

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