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Time To Make A Change? Life Changes Worth Making, From Small To Huge.

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(ThySistas.comEvery once in awhile we all feel like we need to change our outlook, the scenery of our lives. It could be after a bad breakup. It could be after we have lost a job, or something genuinely traumatic like a bereavement. Whatever the case, there does come a time in life when we look at where we are and ask what we can change. The prospect of not changing at all doesn’t hold up – but how much and how fast?

A Small Change: Changing Up Your Diet

Most of what we really want to change when we look at our lives can be boiled down to one word: energy. We want to change the way our lives feel. If you can wake up feeling ready to take on the world, then a lot of the less exciting parts of life can be faced down. This can be achieved by something as simple as a diet change. Bin the junk food, eat foods with plenty of nutrients and dig out that old juicer. You’ll 0022black-business-woman_exclufeel better fast.

A Bigger Change: Taking Up A Pastime

Many of us ask ourselves when it comes to hobbies: “Where would I find the time to take up a pastime?”. And it may well be a reasonable question, until you find yourself sat down and bored again one evening. Those pockets of time when we find ourselves overcome with tedium – that’s where the time for a new hobby will be found. It doesn’t need to be translating Ancient Greek – cycling or a new cuisine would work fine.

A Really Big Change: Getting A New Job

If the major event that has triggered your re-evaluation is the loss of a job, then at least you’re halfway there with this one. Looking for a new job can be tougher when you’re currently employed. Use the time that has been freed up to make enquiries, perfect your resume and hit up every connection you have. Be prepared to think about jobs outside your comfort zone – both professionally and geographically.

Even Bigger Than That: Move Somewhere Else

There is something of a dim view taken of people who get going, when the going gets tough. But sometimes the change of scenery you need is a literal one. If you’ve recently been divorced or ended a relationship, staying where you are is going to mean at least daily reminders. Much the same is true of bereavement. And you can’t move away overnight, but you can make plans to make a new life elsewhere. Leave the country if it feels right – there is a huge world out there. You may need to learn a language – but that’s well worthwhile anyway.

Eagle-eyed readers will note that this is a harder thing to do with kids in tow, and that is true. However, it is not impossible with some planning. And if you don’t have kids, and it’s just you, then the world is your oyster. You’ll need to find work – jobs can be easily found here – and somewhere to live. But if ever there were a time to take a big decision like this, it’s after a big moment in your life.

Sometimes you simply need to turn the page on a traumatic or draining life experience. The fresh start that results can be the making of you, if you’re prepared to let it be so.

Staff Writer; Sarah Jones

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