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5 Tips to Miss the Mess.

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( From television to work life, drama seems to be running rampant in our society. Drama for many, is a drug that keeps them stimulated and motivated in life. So many people need haters to be their motivators and to cross paths with individuals who do not believe in their goals simply so they can prove them wrong.

Then there are those of us who realize drama is not a natural way of life. We strive to keep away from drama in all forms and work hard to surround ourselves with goal oriented, positive spirited people. Every day requires commitment to the practice of keeping our energy undetectable to the mess.

Here are 5 ways you can use to continue missing the mess:

1. Speak to people directly. If you have any issues or concerns 123black-women-talking_excludewith a person, go to them personally. So many times people get caught up in drama simply because they choose to release their feelings, emotions and thoughts to an individual who was not interested in keeping things “drama free”. If you are going to open your mouth to anyone, do so to the person with whom you are having issues. If you need a third party as a mediator that is fine however news of your talk should not find the person before you do.

2. Make eye contact. Look people in the eyes when you are speaking to them. Be direct! Maintaining eye contact lets the person know you are attentive, serious and engaged. The eyes are also the window to the soul, we connect more when we make eye contact.

3. Enter conversations in a calm/peaceful spirit. If you feel you are going to blow up or explode you should allow yourself a breather prior to entering the conversation. When you are in a calm spirit you are better able to articulate your feelings and thoughts more clearly and the person you are speaking with is more likely to respond in a calm manner as well. When we enter into discussions full of rage and anger we are often met with similar energy.

4. Leave the mess. Do not continue to engage in situation or experiences where disagreements and negative energy are a constant occurrence. If you have people in your life who are addicted to drama and nonsense, let them go. This includes drama that may not include you directly as at some point in the future it will. Learn to let go of people and things that do not serve a higher purpose in your life.

5. Clear your energy. Learn to keep your aura (energy field) clear so that you attract more positive and enlightening experiences in your life journey. Clearing your energy can be done a variety of different ways including listening to music with positive lyrics, meditating under the sun or moon light, taking an Epsom salt bath, having a dip in the ocean or detoxing your body with fresh fruits and veggies. When we feel good within, we think differently and when we think differently we attract more of the good stuff in life.

We can’t dictate how others will behave in our lives but we do have the power to determine who will be a part of our daily lives. Make your choices wisely as we are a reflection of the company we keep.

Here’s to keeping it drama free!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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