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6 Tips for a Healthy Relationship.

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( You are not in a relationship until you have passed the “honeymoon phase” where everything is something like a fantasy or a dream. When we enter the phase where we are working towards building something worthwhile in our relationships, we usually begin to undervalue our partner or take them for granted. The “we are one” notion at times blinds us to the fact that we are building with another adult who has their own dreams, goals, desires and morals. Our partner goes through their share of personal lessons and ups and downs in life as we do, so in relationships it is important to care for ourselves and our relationships separately.

Each relationship has its own needs for success and it is imperative that you speak with your partner to determine their needs individually, certain relationships traits are timeless. Here are 6 tips for creating a healthy relationship: 33mature-black-couple_exclude

1. Deal with issues as they arise. Speak your truths! Too many people allow things to build up until they explode. Don’t let this be you, speak on your feelings as they come up to create an environment where communication is key.

2. Have fun. Do not allow your relationship to get boring or dull by doing the same things, on the same days, the same way at the same time. Add some spice to your relationships by adding activities that are new to the both of you. Add games of competition, if you can do so in a healthy fashion, and add wagers so the winner receives something special and out of the ordinary.

3. Enjoy sex! Sex is a part of a healthy relationship and one of the most intimate ways for us to connect physically. Keep your sex life enjoyable and communicate your needs and desires openly. If you can not talk about sex with your partner, the two of you are not responsible enough to enjoy it. Introduce games, role playing, pillows and edibles into your bedroom affairs to ensure things don’t dwindle quickly.

4. Respect your partner. Maintain eye contact when you are communicating. Avoid yelling and cursing at them when you are angry. Respect that you are in a relationship with an adult who is capable of making adult decisions in their personal lives. Give your partner space, respect their privacy and above all things, trust your partner. If trust isn’t in the relationship, you shouldn’t be there.

5. Listen to what your partner is saying. Do not cut them off when they are speaking, give your partner the space and time to fully and clearly communicate their feelings. Do not feel you must have an answer or solution to every single issue, at times its enough just to have someone listen as you talk things out for yourself. Make sure you are listening to understand rather than listening to respond. Take a breath before you respond to ensure you fully processed what was said.

6. Learn how to create a peaceful space. I hear people talk about the professional degrees, financial stability and the type of lifestyle they bring to the table but rarely do I hear anyone mention that they bring a peaceful environment to the table. Create a space that is inviting, loving and safe for yourself and your partner to communicate and grow freely. Create a space that your partner will desire to come to as opposed to running from.

Every relationship is different! You must learn the needs and desires of your partner. There is no book you can read that will tell you about all women or all men. The more time we take to really learn one another, the deeper we are capable of going within our self and our relationship.

Blessed Loving.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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