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6 Life Changing Lessons.

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( Life is one journey in which we are capable of learning something each and every day. We receive constant spiritual, emotional, physical and mental lessons which allows us to progress in our life path. While most humans generally learn or rather retain information better when pain is involved, there are some lessons that can be learned prior to the breaking point.

I learn a variety of lessons on a daily basis yet there are a few that I wish I would have learned and mastered prior to my adult journey.

My 6 Life Changing Lessons:

1. Your body is priceless. You only get one body and it is your mode of transportation throughout your life journey. We put focus 000black-woman-thinking_excluon how our body looks but we do not fully explore what our body does on a regular basis. Our body transmits frequencies into the atmosphere which broadcasts our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our body also works as a magnet to attract and drawn in like frequencies. All the time you thought you were attracted to a sexy body when it was truly the frequency, whether high or low, of the person that drew you in.

2. You can not change people. It is up to others to change for themselves. In the event that you are able to change someone, its likely to be short lived and the true them will resurface again. If you love someone, you love them as they are, not who you want them to be.

3. You are not a victim. You are responsible for your feelings, thoughts and actions. The notion that someone “made you made” or “made you get out of character” is false. The most a person can do is bring your darkside to light. You are responsible for you!

4. You do not have to limit your love to one person. We are capable of loving numerous people yet we strive to limit our love to our romantic partner and family members. This does not have to be the case, in fact, the more we limit our love the more hurt and pain we suffer in loving. When you give your all to one person and they fall short, its painful. When you are living life as an expression of love, you invite love and kindness into your journey. Love is not something we should only experience with romantic partners, family and friends.

5. You get what you think and nothing more. If you harbor self-limiting thoughts within, it is unlikely you will attract a successful break. If you see yourself as unworthy, you are going to create experiences that further showcase you as unworthy. When you think positive and expect good things to happen, they do. This is not to say life will be perfect with unicorns, rainbows and buckets of gold, nonetheless your days will be less stressful and your heart less heavy.

6. Your thoughts are valuable and deserve to be heard. Share your thoughts with others. Let others know what is on your mind. I recall watching an episode of A Different World and the line “You are a voice in this world and you deserve to be heard” was one line that stuck out to me. From that moment forward I decided my voice was going to be heard, whether on paper or vocally, others would know what I was thinking and feeling because it mattered. Same goes for you, learn to effectively express yourself.

Again, throughout this journey of life you will learn many valuable lessons, the key is to remain open to learning as much as you possibly can. After the learning comes the practice and after practicing we begin to demonstrate a new way of thinking and being.

Blessed Learning.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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