Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Do You Have a Relationship with Yourself?

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( The most important relationship you can develop is the one with yourself. Anyone who has entered a partnership with someone outside of themselves can testify that a relationship can be toxic or healthy. Some relationships vibrate between both polarities although the toxicity outweighs the health. Toxicity destroys everything exposed to it. We’ve all known someone who brushed with destruction in a toxic relationship. Perhaps they suffered financial loss, disconnected with their sense of wellbeing, had issues arise with their health or felt their sense of security being stripped away from them.

These are just a few effects of being involved in a toxic love exchange. Imagine the effects of toxic inner relationship. One in which you constantly abuse yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So many people seek outer love as if it’s a cure to their ailing problems and issues.123black-woman-afro-smiling

A relationship is nothing more than a reflection of the way you treat yourself within. When we are willing to allow others to mistreat, it is only because we mistreat ourselves on some levels. When we continue to love, cherish and support those in our lives who do not value us, it is because we fail to value ourselves.

3 Tips for creating a relationship with yourself:

1. Treat yourself. You may hear this all the time! That’s the first sign that you are putting everyone else first in your life. I see this more with women than men, so many mothers and wives work themselves endlessly for their families to the point they have nothing remaining for themselves. Learn to nurture and care for you. The better care you give to yourself, the better the care you can offer to your family.

2. Listen to your inner voice. Pay close attention to the conversation going on inside your head. Are you consumed with negative, limiting or fearful thoughts? Are you constantly replaying scenarios from the past? Are you living in the future? Do you feel peaceful within your personal conversations? The conversation we have with ourselves dictates the behaviors we are going to display to others.

3. Make peace with your “mistakes. Are you team solo? Team no friends? Team ain’t no good men/women left? If so, these are signs that you do not trust yourself to make decisions regarding the types of people you can invite into your life. You must learn to forgive yourself for what you view as past mistakes. We need lessons to learn and grow in life. Give gratitude to your past lessons and move forward.

The better the relationship we have with ourselves, the better our relationships will be with others. It is impossible to love anyone in a healthy fashion when you are incapable of loving yourself. It is impossible to experience unconditional love with another when you have not felt that level of love within. You get what you are capable of giving yourself.

Blessed Self Loving.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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