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Be Aggressive About Your Health.

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( In the daily challenges life can present we tend to disregard our health. We can take care of everything, and everyone, but we put ourselves last. Some of us aren’t eating enough of the right foods, drinking enough water nor exercising enough. It seems we want to fight about community, and family but we aren’t securing our place among the living. Without our health we are limited to what we can do, and achieve. Health is something we must be serious about for ourselves. Yes, it will empower us to be there for others, but valuing our health allows us to there here for yourself.

Many of us have family members, or know someone, that is dealing with declining heart. We know so many burdened with diabetes, highBLACKWOMEN-running-buddies blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and many other health challenges. While we are standing with the afflicted some of us don’t identify with them. Ladies we see our people hurting…we must fight for our health. We must learn from the lives of others. Our elders didn’t be access all the information we have now. Because we know better we must do better. Some health challenges can be avoided with better eating habits, and some of us really need to drink water. Let’s keep our system flushed with water. Doing better with our health doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. We need only make self a priority, and decide to live better.

We can not help others from the hospital. We can not be our best person, mother, wife nor leader when our body is overcome with pain. We are not able to see clearly nor communicate effectively when the body is out of balance. In addition to what we are putting in our body…resolve to be stress free. Try to remove as much negativity from your life as possible.

Happiness is a choice…choose to embrace it. Relationships that are toxic must be reconsidered for the sake of your health. As Black women we must acknowledge that many of our grandmother’s and mother bore the burden and weight of others. Many of them were pained with afflictions in the body as they stressed over everything. They allowed others to take so much, and there was no balance. Many of us grew up watching this, but some of us didn’t realize the source of declining health. It is important to take control of our existence.

Lastly, apart of living yourself is pouring into our health. Sometimes we don’t take the best care of ourselves because we don’t see self as worthy of love and care. Before anyone can value you…you must value self. You can start over many times, but you body has to be able to sustain you. You must believe you are valuable, and treat yourself accordingly. We teach others how to value us based on how we care for ourselves. Eat well, refresh your mind with water and crisp drinks, surround yourself with positivity, and allow yourself to exude goodness.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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