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Life is Our Most Prized Possession.

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( We live in a society whereby we are taught everyday of our lives to measure who we are by what we have. Many of us equate status to money, degrees and possessions. We forget that material is void of a soul, and it doesn’t breathe. Have we forgotten that what makes a house a home is the bodies that reside in that house? Life has a way of reminding us of what should be important, yet even then some of us are unable to receive the message. What one works for is very important.

However, what exactly are we working for? Why are our possessions, often, ranked right next alongside our very existence? One could make a pretty convincing argument that this could have a hand in why it’s so easy for some to take life. What we hold dear is what our children will model as important, and they will behave accordingly.BlackWoman-Thinking-2016

It is respectable to get up every day, and work hard to provide the best life possible for your family. None of us have a crystal ball to see what tomorrow will bring. More than we realize our day to day life can be harshly interrupted by those who like to dabble in changes they don’t have to live with. With this all being considered we must value life more than we value our possessions on all levels. The beauty of the human spirit is that we can reinvent our paths many times over if we have the drive to do so. There are forces that are beyond our control that can test the very strength of our faith, and spirit. When nature attacks it is a brutal force with no regard for status, race nor class.

When life makes a dark turn we tend to assess what we have, and determine loss. When tornados touch down or the flood water rises we are definitely tested. Yes, many will lose possessions, but the question is simple…are they valued on the same level as our life. I know this may seem like a very dumb concern. However, how we determine loss is directly connected to how we recover from said loss.

When the most prized possession is our life we don’t feel the same sense of loss when we are able to WALK away from disaster. When our children hear us say “its okay we can rebuild but we have each other” they learn in that moment that their parents value them above ALL ELSE. It’s very normal to be frustrated, and even angry at the circumstances life can throw our way, but the ability to see the value of our life is priceless.

When children see parents, elders and community members coming together to help one another…they see the best in humanity. When the focus shifts from possession to the wellbeing of our community we are rewriting the “stuff” driven message society shoves down the throats of our kids. Every dark day is an opportunity to command the sun to come forth. When children see us strive regardless of circumstances with unbroken spirit through action they learn the importance of LIFE…of living. It’s not as easy to harm another when you see them as a part of your human family. It’s very hard to destroy the thing one values most above all others. Let’s remind ourselves, and teach our young that that thing to be valued is LIFE. Without life, and that of those we love, every possession one can gain is meaningless.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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