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Maintaining Balance In College.

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( One of the key aspects of being a college student is maintaining balance, if you do not have balance then you’ll lack other skills such as organization, enthusiasm and that also plays a major role in your decision making skills. As a second year college student myself, I know that it is no easy task. Being in college and adjusting is a lot to juggle when that isn’t what you are used to. There are a few tips of advice that I’d give to future as well as current college students. There is a time and place for everything meaning that every party or kickback that happens does not mean that you have to be in attendance, sometimes it is best to decline.

If your main priority is a party then you are attending college for all the wrong reasons. Academics should always be your main priority because that is what determines your ultimate success in receiving your degree. You should also set goals, but make sure that they are realistic goals. Finding balance actually starts with setting goals for yourself, the goals you set should be a stretch but nothing too big that you can not accomplish.

Learning to study effectively also plays a role in your balance as a college student. Being a college student you’ll find that you spend countless hours studying material, you should develop a study schedule that will work best for you and your learning style. Effectively managing your time is also very important in the lives of college student, one of the biggest issues that procrastination brings is stress.

You never want to get to the point where everything is stressing you out, that will make you lose you drive and ambition. There is no question that eating well also goes hand in hand with your overall balance. What you eat heavily weighs on a student’s academic performance. Eating lots of junk and sugar will cause you to be grumpy and tired. Instead you should eat a balanced meal in order to keep your mind and body both healthy as well as balanced. Exercise also plays a major role, it keeps your body strong and also gives you energy to get tasks done. Being a college student myself I found that it was very important to also network and get involved on campus and to join clubs.

The college experience is what you make it getting to know your instructors is also important, this will also show them that you are interested and that you care about your grades. I learned early on that by building a relationship with your instructors will not only help you but your grades as well. During my first semester of my freshmen year, I learned things by experience. I will not say that transitioning from high school to being a college student is a easy task because it is not, you have to be responsible and make practical decisions.

Most people tend to fail because they are not used to the freedom of being away from their parents at home and began to slack in their studies. Your academics should always be your number one priority, if your priorities are not in order you are bound for failure. Ensure yourself success and put your effort and best foot forward, that is the ultimate key to success.

Staff Writer; Myra Moore


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