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Dear Entitled White Woman.

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( I know white women that are cool, down to earth, caring, and genuinely my friends and family.  I choose to separate them from you Entitled White Woman because you give white women a bad name.  You see…I’m a black woman that is unapologetic about what God made me.  Because of this fact you and I might never get along.  You feel entitled to things involving me whereby you have absolutely no rights.  Don’t worry I am going to explain.  I understand you grew up in an America that once owned women like me, and did not recognize our humanity.  I realize some of you still don’t so I want to take a moment to guarantee you I AM HUMAN, and I won’t stand for inhumane treatment.  Woman to Woman let me explain a few things that you are NOT entitled to, as I would never privy myself to such things.  Hopefully this will help clear up a few areas whereby we totally misunderstand each other.

1. My home is not a place that you have free range to just because you work in the neighborhood. I pay rent, and my home is a sanctuary for me and my family.  If you knock on the door I should not have to stand in the door for you to understand that walking into my home uninvited is unacceptable.  If the person you are looking of is at my house…I’ll send them out.  Let’s not be rude this is NOT the slave quarters…it’s my home.  If you aren’t invited in stay on the porch.

2. I am not responsible for making you feel comfortable when speaking to you professionally. Yes, I read and am able to articulate my position calmly.  It is not okay to be told I scared you…when I simply engaged in sensible discussion with you.

3. No, you may not touch my child in ANY way without my permission. If you see my kid in the store it’s okay to admire their hair…you DO NOT need to touch it. Furthermore, if I ask you not to touch them do not tell me you can’t help yourself.  If I were to say the same to you…you’d summon the police.  Yes, I will do the same if you touch my kid. Other black women don’t cross that line, and you can’t either.

4. Please do not touch my hair. I am not on display for your amazement.  This should be pretty self-explanatory.  IF you don’t understand its ok…just don’t do it.

5. Your opinions on my being are of no concern to me. Period. We are different in many ways and this can be celebrated. However, I won’t be made to feel inferior because I am different.

6. Please DO NOT try to explain to me how to keep a black man. Having a relationship with him does not imply something is wrong with me.  I am a firm believer that we should love who our heart chooses.  With that being said…dating a black man does not make you an expert on black men nor black people.  Let’s show some courtesy and you’ll receive it in kind.  Every black woman is not looking at you, jealous of you, envious of you, hating on you…nor do some of them care.  If we’re cool it’s because you are good people…not because you are with a brother.

7. I am unapologetically me. Mind, face, space, hair, style and spirit its all me; I don’t owe you an explanation nor it is my job to make you feel comfortable.  The biggest thing is simple…It’s not my job to make you feel comfortable with my presence.  I don’t expect this of you. If you are intimidated on any level without true cause…I can’t help you. I won’t even try.

I believe we can both exist peacefully in this world.  There are white women I call sister, and we love and appreciate each other for who we are.  Yes, we are different but those difference add to our lives.  With that being said Entitled White Woman these are just a few of the things you really ought to know.  You are no more entitled that the next person.  There is so much we can learn from each other, but that can’t happen until we truly respect the humanity and womanhood of each other.  You should consider these things as more black woman are embracing who they are…unapologetically.  We don’t hate you…we simply love ourselves. Signed, an unapologetic Sistah.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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