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Medication And Your Kids: How To Stay Safe.

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( Modern accessibility to medicine has completely changed the world. Now, when someone has a condition that used to be life-or-death, we can go to a local store and pick up an effective remedy. However, they’re not without their risks. When you’re giving medication to children, there are certain risks to be aware of. Obviously you want your kids to stay happy and healthy. Here are some important safety measures for giving medicine to children.

First of all, storing medicine in the house. Obviously you know to keep all your medication somewhere high and out-of-reach for children. I’m not just talking about the medicines you’ll be giving to your kids here either. If you carry around painkillers in your purse, make sure you take them out and store them with all the rest. Even things like vitamins, eye drops and diaper rash creams can be blackmomandsickkid-2016harmful if your kid gets into them. Don’t leave anything to chance. Be sure to buy medicines with child-proof caps as well. In my opinion, pharmaceutical companies that don’t use child-proof containers should warrant a product injury lawsuit. However, we’ll have to make do! If you can’t find child-proofed medicines, then buy a lockable box.

Leaving meds out in the open is certainly a big risk. Still, there are things that can go wrong when you’re actually administering the medicine. If the medicine is a liquid, then make sure you use the measuring device that came with it. It will probably have measurements written on the box. However, you shouldn’t take these loosely. With children, even a small amount over the recommended dosage can be a massive health risk. You also need to take the time to read the label, and check the ingredients of the medicine you’re using. You may be treating your kid with a few different medications. If this is the case, then it’s hugely important you don’t give them two medicines with the same active ingredient. This only increases the risk of an overdose.

Take the time to talk to your kids about medication, too. I know that trying to explain things to a young child can be a little irritating at times. However, there are certain subjects which you can’t afford to put off. Your child may not know anything further than medicines make you feel better. Teach them that medicine, any medicine should always be given by an adult. Set them an example of responsible behaviour whenever you’re giving them medicine. Read the warnings out loud, explain what they mean, and measure out the correct dosage in front of them. Make sure they know that the labels are rules, and not serving suggestions. Finally, never, ever refer to medicine as “candy”. Getting them on board with this idea may reduce squirming, true. However, it will also encourage them to look for and try the medicine themselves.

Take this advice with you whenever you buy or administer medication. When you think about it, out homes are full of dangers. However, a little precaution goes a long way.

Staff Writer; Carrie Rivers

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