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Let’s Kill the Hypocrisy Regarding Father’s Day.

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( Today is Father’s Day, and I admit it is a holiday I love very much, but I am often disappointed in us ladies. We expect a lot of men, and most of it is justifiable and accurate. However, we tend to be judgmental and unforgiving if they fail…or don’t do things our way. Let’s be honest, yes we carry and give birth to our children…but we are not perfect. Regardless of the truth that some mothers are deadbeat, unfit, addicts, abusive or have abandoned their kids men continue to empower Mother’s Day. Mother’s are celebrated, and acknowledged on their day without mention of those that are subpar.

There are many single mothers working hard to build a future for their children in the absence of the father. Yet, there are many men doing the exact same thing; they are both mother and father with no acknowledgement from their female counterpart. Yet, those men don’t lay claim to Mother’s Day. You see, they are single dad’s 2016BlackFatherDaughtersmile-FathersDAYbut are grateful for their mothers, sisters, and women in community that offer a hand in them raising their sons…and that assist them with their daughters. On Mother’s Day many of them Honor those women. Why can’t we do the same? Today is not the day to shoot venom at the absent father, or the father that didn’t do what we felt he should. Today is the day set aside to acknowledge the importance of Father’s. Today we recognize all the men that are raising their kids, and being a presence in the life of kids that are without Fathers

Furthermore, there are many women that have strained relationships with their mothers, but Mother’s Day isn’t the day to confront those issues. Father’s Day should be treated with the same respect. Basically, we as women need to empower Father’s Day in the same manner that Mother’s Day is empowered. We must lay aside the double standard that no matter what she does a mother is to be honored, but no matter what he does Father’s Day is about exposing fault. Every time we say Happy Father’s Day to the REAL FATHERS, we devalue the day.

There are more single Fathers raising their kids alone than we want to acknowledge. Though they do it all they can not be a mother. You don’t see cards on Mother’s Day for single Father’s, nor social media ( even Facebook acknowledged Mother’s day while Father’s day received nothing) posts for it. They are not moms. Likewise, single mothers your day was in May for Mother’s Day. No matter how much you do you can never be a father. This day belongs to them…let’s respect that. This is a double standard that is not going to help us rebuild community. When we allow this our children witness our hypocrisy. Ladies, we must be fair about this.

Yes there are men out there that need to step up and raise their children; hopefully that can happen without the mother creating challenges. In like fashion there are women that need to step up and be true mothers; hopefully the father won’t create challenges. If we are not ready to expose the ills on both sides then let’s remain silent until we can be fair. This is the day we say thank you to all the men for doing WHAT WE ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT DO. We can’t be Father’s! We acknowledge them for their care, strength, support, power, love, understanding, example, faith and patience. It’s their day let’s love on our men.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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