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5 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Hair.

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( Summer is well underway, and many of us look to show off our beautiful manes. With that being said we must be sure to maximize on good hair care. Proper hair care is rooted in good habits, and a consistent regimen. There are many people seeing “grow long hair quick” gimmicks, but there is no get long quick trick. We have to put our hair on a consistent regimen of health that coincides with the way we care for our body as a whole. In the winter time we focus on intense protective styling to shield our hair from the harsh cold. Moisture retention is the battle we must win. Ironically, we should keep the same mindset in summer time. We should be mindful of our protective styles, and how often we give our hair a break. Hair care is an important part of growth; adding a few steps to our regimen can greatly improve the health of our hair.

1. Stay properly hydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of water to remain hydrated is important for the body to function properly. This is also important to the Health of your hair. In the battle to obtain, retain and maintain moisture hydration within our body is a major asset. It’s very hard to keep the hair moisturized when the source from which it grows is lacking adequate fluid. Sistahs we must drink water.blackwoman-doingHair-2016

2. Be sure to rest your hair and scalp between protective styles. It’s very easy to get lazy in our hair care due to protective style. Though they serve a wonderful purpose if abused they can cause hair damage. Weaves, wigs, braids, messy buns, ect are just examples of styles that we can wear for long lengths of time. During that time we must be sure to get proper moisture to our hair. After an extensive protective style is would be wise to give ones scalp a break. The hair and scalp would thank us for a series of deep conditioning treatments, and low scalp manipulation. We don’t want to let our hair go because the outcome could be anything from breakage and balding to the need to cut due to massive matting.

3. Know the porosity of your hair. There is plenty of focus placed in hair type. That knowledge is good to know. However, the type won’t indicate what your hair needs like porosity. This information will tell you how easy your hair takes in moisture, or not. Porosity helps determine which products your hair will need, and what kind of regimen will be best. High porosity often needs more protein treatments, and heavy oils and butters. Low porosity on the other hand requires light oil, and though it doesn’t loose moisture as easy there is an art to getting the moisture in. Knowing what’s best for your hair based on its makeup will render healthier hair verses following trends.

4. Vitamins and healthy eating helps your hair. True enough no one is a fan of the diet police. However, just as it is with drinking water, taking vitamins and eating live food improves hair health. This is pretty straight forward. The body needs nutrients and vitamins found in a supplement, and live food to function at peak capacity. Your hair received the benefits of eating healthy. What we eat can increase the strength of our hair and directly effect the shine.

5. Leave the stress alone. Allowing negativity, stress and strain to govern our lives can directly effect the hair. It can cause breakage, and shedding. We are aware that stress and negativity takes a toll on our overall health…the hair is no different. Finding ways to manage our stress such as exercise, yoga, meditation or creative arts are all ways to help release stress in a positive way. Consider the path of positivity…your hair will thank you.

We all love our hair, no matter the state, and want to see it strong and healthy. Consider making positive changes that will allow this to happen. Regimen and consistency are very important along with the five points mentioned. You deserve to look and feel your best.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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