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Motorcycle Safety: Tips You Should Be Aware Of.

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( Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car, and you arguably need to be even more careful. There’s no protective cover to try and keep you safe in case of a crash. All you’ve got to rely on are two wheels, protective gear, and your own mind to make sure that you get to your destination safely. So, take a look at our tips to stay safe on the road.

  • Wear Safety Equipment

It might be tempting to get out there on the open road in the summer with nothing but a t-shirt on, but be sensible about this. You’re riding a motorcycle that could leave you with serious, life-threatening injuries if you come off it. You must be completely protected at all times. That means wearing protective gear including a full-face helmet. Don’t make the mistake of being overconfident or it could cost you dearly.

  • Stay Alert

Many of us have had those scary moments where we’ve driven a car2016-BlackWoman-RidingMotorcycle-SportbikeChicks and let our minds wander. Suddenly, we snap back into gear and wonder how we got away with it. That’s a worrying thing, and it should never happen again. On a bike, though, it’s even more dangerous. If your mind wanders when you’re on a bike, the chances of you making a mistake are high. Always concentrate to your fullest, or pull over if you don’t feel you can.

  • Be Aware Of Others

One of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents is other drivers. Many of them just don’t carry out the correct procedures to ensure that bikes are accounted for. They aren’t seen easily in mirrors, and one small maneuver from a poorly-educated driver could be enough to cause a huge incident. If you do get into an accident because of this, seek help from websites like Never expect other road users to do the right thing. Always anticipate a strange action just in case it happens.

  • Practice Emergency Routines

In a car, an emergency routine will either result in an accident or you’ll swerve to avoid it. On a bike, the same procedure doesn’t really apply. You won’t just be able to act on instinct necessarily. You have to consider all sorts of things to ensure that you don’t come flying off the bike as you brake excessively. To ensure that you can manage this sort of scenario successfully, the best thing you can do is practice. Read up on safety tips from and then get out there and make sure you know what you’re doing. Obviously, you want to be doing this in a quiet area where you won’t get into danger.

  • Don’t Speed

As a motorcyclist, you’ve got a lot of power in your hands. You can speed through traffic, and cruise down the highway at a fast rate. It’s even more tempting in this sort of scenario to speed than it is in a car. Don’t let yourself do this, though. Keep it nice and steady. It’s very easy to catch a bad bit of road and find yourself slipping off the bike. At that kind of speed, the resulting crash could be devastating and life-ending.

Staff Writer; Shawna James


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