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Power, Beautiful, Shine: The Black Woman.

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( Black women are powerful. We hold the whole weight of the world on our shoulders. We are the cooks, cleaners, healers and defenders. We wear a lot of hats in our everyday lives. So why is it that even with all that we do, sisters still can’t get the honor we deserve?

Something is happening in the media that has been going on way too long. Black women are portrayed in a distasteful light and it is getting old. No, I am not talking about the reality TV junk that’s constantly thrown in our faces. That has been old. I am speaking about the way beautiful, empowering, accomplished black women are painted as manly, ugly, angry, controlling and rough.

This really bothers me. As a young black girl growing up in Los BLACKWOMAN-career-woman-smilingAngeles and Tennessee, I looked to the examples I saw on TV as a note to myself that success, as defined by me, was within my reach. If I wanted to be a model, actress, speaker, lawyer or doctor, there wasn’t one thing in this world that could stop me. Now more than ever, black women are making strides in countless industries. At the same time, they are the butt of offensive jokes and disgusting comparisons that are unfair, unflattering and simply untrue.

Our First Lady Michelle Obama was recently painted by the cartoonist Ben Garrison as this hideous, manly, slumped over woman who can’t hold a candle to Melania Trump, who’s husband is presumably the GOP presidential nomination pick. In the drawing, Melania is cast as a beautiful, big hipped, big boobed woman who can “make the first lady great again.” What a slap in the face.

Why are white people so afraid of us? I mean, yes we did and continue to birth greatness out of the fruit of our loins, so why can’t we get just a little bit of shine without the hate? Even Malia Obama has been victim to the viciousness that exists against black women. When announced that she will be attending Harvard, Internet trolls and racists took to the web to degrade, belittle and discredit her accomplishments. As if she didn’t work hard or earn her place at the oldest and arguably most prestigious university in the country. How dare they!

So how do we proceed in a world that looks down upon us for the strength that continues to shine forth through us? Just as we have. We press on doing the things that build us up; that establish our legacy, and that make us happy. It’s time out for feeding into the stereotypes that hold us back. At some point, we have to put off childish things and become the women we are meant to be.

No word, gesture nor insinuation can stop the black woman that is focused, determined and ready to affect change in her world. That is the true mark of greatness. Not getting the money houses and cars. That’s all fine. But when living out your potential enables others to do the same, you know you’re on the right path.

Staff Writer; Rasheda Abdullah


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  1. Patsy says:

    Excellent article!

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