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June Inspirational Horoscopes.

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( I’m very excited to see June coming! May was a difficult month for most of us on multiple levels. We’ve dealt with ever shifting emotions, attitudes, moods, thoughts and beliefs. We’ve had to let some people and things go for our own good, we’ve even had to change our minds concerning our course to maintain our sanity.

Thankfully I can say everything happened for a reason and during the month of June we should begin to see our shifts transforming our reality. Remember that before anything happens on a physical level, it happens on a spiritual level. Our spiritual work may not manifest as quickly as we wish on a physical level but do not give up, do not lose hope and do not turn back, Not even for a second! Rihanna said it best, it is  “work work work work work work’ and whose better built to put the work in than you?

Gemini – Happy Birthday Gemini! As our birthday approaches we usually go through a series of events, often difficult ones, which can at times make us feel hopeless, unworthy, confused and as though we’ve failed in some aspect(s). This is NOT the case! Think of the weeks prior to your birthday as the ending of a semester. You may find you need some extra credit work, you may need to retake some tests to see if you can get a higher score and perhaps you may find you need to makeup some lessons you overlooked. Regardl2016-Juneess of how difficult the end of the semester may be, we keep moving forward until we receive our final grade and the notice that we are free to move up to the next level. Anything worth having is worth working for and anything thought is best communicated.

Cancer – Always and forever does not exist outside of your spiritual nature. Let go of the notion that “true” friendship, love, support, concern, etc. is based on forever. Time is a tool we use to measure growth and goals, not relationships. It is okay for people to exit and enter your life! Imagine being in your final semester of college and you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into attaining your degree. Final semester you cross paths with a professor who challenges you, brings out the best in you and constantly pushes you forward… would you fail the class just because you love the professor so much that you want to stay in a place you’ve excelled and thus outgrown? The same goes for our friendships/relationships, we are free to enjoy them while they assist in our growth but when we’ve reached the end of our journey we must let go in order to gain.

Leo – It is time to shine the inner spotlight on you! Yes, those around you knows your roar, they speak often about how they admire you, your strength and your courage. That is such a wonderful thing when you believe in yourself because of who you are as an individual as opposed to who you are as a zodiac sign. We see this often with Scorpios as well, people attempt to be their “sign” rather than being true to who they are. Shine your light within to discover talents and gifts that are lying dormant within you simply because you are too busy basking in the applause of others to truly hone and utilize your gifts. Step back from the crowd, they always clap when you are putting on a show. Close the curtains and reflect on who you are as an individual, what satisfies you when you aren’t being showered with attention and what you are capable of doing when you aren’t focused on entertaining others.

Virgo – You take great pride in your physical work! People often call you the worker bee and you absolutely love it. Everything you have, you’ve put in major work for it either on a physical, emotional, spiritual or mental level. The downside is that you often exert more energy than necessary to accomplish the goal which leaves you too tired to really enjoy the benefits of your work. Everything is about balance! What’s the use of having your dream car if its only parked in your driveway or the parking lot at work? What good is your dream house if you spend more time at work? What’s the point of a vacation home if you use it as a rental property rather than a getaway? America sells us the dream that “hard work” leads to success but if that were really true more Americans would be in the upper class than lower and middle class. When you are exerting your energy ask yourself: Am I doing this to fulfill my goals? And once I achieve this goal, what is next?

Libra – It is possible to spend a lifetime weighing things out only to realize you’ve spent your entire life thinking and accomplishing very little. Knowledge is only power when it is accompanied by action which changes the course of your life for the positive. You must learn how to make a decision AND follow through with it. You must also realize when the decision has already been made for you! Stop wasting time fantasizing over what will never be… primarily failed relationships and career opportunities not pursued in your youth. You are not going back in time! You are right here, in this moment, in this spot for a reason. Use those scales to weigh out the options present at this moment before you wake up 10 years later only to realize the future is built upon the choices we make today.

Scorpio – Why do you mention sex first when the world meets you? Even greater than your sexual energy, is your self-destructive nature. You have a tendency to wreck things when they’re moving smoothly and blame it on others. You take unnecessary risks and each time you end up stinging yourself with your own tail. Unfortunately, until you learn to control yourself, your thoughts, your sexuality, your moods and your urge to self-destruct, you will be nothing more than the freak of the zodiac who like the Mighty Leo, knows more about your zodiac sign than you do about yourself. Harsh Reality: Everyone on earth is FULL of potential, most lack the capacity to reach it. Potential aside, who are you?

Sagittarius – Now is a wonderful time to set that fire! Somethings aren’t to be rebuilt, cleansed, nurtured or restored… it simply needs to be destroyed so that you can replace it with something greater. The beauty of your energy is that you have the ability to transform yourself and your environment with ease once you master your energies. You are a true magick maker, unfortunately at the time you may be manifesting from your fears, regrets and sorrows more quickly than you do your actual desires. This may be evident in people from your past coming forth in the same mental and emotional state that you left them in. It is not your responsibility to fix people, that’s what they came to planet earth to do for themselves. You can assist, just make sure you don’t go falling down the rabbit hole with them (again).

Capricorn – At times you can be so strong headed when it comes to proving someone wrong that you fail yourself. You put so much energy into showing someone that you can do what they said/thought you couldn’t to the point that you neglect your own dreams, desires and goals. When you learn to “show yourself” as well as you show others, you will have a chance to experience peace within. Haters and Naysayers can only stimulate and motivate an individual who lacks vision and needs something to hold on to. Those who are clear about who they are, what they came to earth to do and how they are going to get it done are stimulated and motivated by the divine connection within. What good comes from achieving a goal that means nothing to you, just to show it off to others? They instantly become the winner because they redirected your path. What’s next?… Their vision or yours?

Aquarius – What is your cause? What is your vision? Passion does not drive the car, it is the fuel that keeps it going. Vision drives the car, determination is the battery, your gift/talent is the engine, love is the motor, you are the vehicle and purpose is the GPS. Everything has a function, your lesson is realizing how things come together to make up a whole. You often get so excited about ideas that you spend more time getting others excited about it than you do getting the idea out of your head and into motion. Unfortunately, over time those closest to you begin to see you as a big dreamer rather than the initiator you have the power to be. This go around aim to put all your excitement into writing a business plan, creating your vision board, creating your website, getting the necessary state licensure and opening your business. Talk is not cheap, it costs us our energy, goals, lifestyle, come up, come back and in some cases, our life.

Pisces – What is the purpose of dreaming if you refuse to bring that insight into your awakened reality? The dream state should not be an escape but rather a visual of what is possible to create when you open your eyes. You discount yourself within yet manage to get upset when others attempt to cut deals and barter your essence, time, love, respect and abilities. The Golden Rule: Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you! You teach others how to treat you, you reveal your worth to others and it is you who shows the world how you deserve to be treated.

Aries – You have green lights all around you but that does not mean you shouldn’t be cautious and alert. Staying in your lane isn’t always the best course of action, especially when someone is improperly merging in your direction. Why remain in the lane when you can safely maneuver to the next and keep things moving? At times our decision to remain exactly where we are leaves us with scrapes, bruises and burns that were completely avoidable. Take advantage of these green lights but pay attention to everything around you and please Aries, No Speeding.

Taurus – Continue to lead with your head and it is going to result in a serious injury. Remember the bull charges forward out of aggravation and irritation so the key is getting yourself under your own control so that you are moving fluidly with clear thoughts and solid intentions. As the temperature heats up, you are going to find yourself being challenged by others often this summer and you are responsible for each action you take. Do you respond to challenges by reacting in the expected fashion or by choosing the best approach for you?

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