Friday, January 15, 2021

Has Obama Been A Lousy President For Most Americans?

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( As Barack Obama’s second term in office as the U.S. president comes to an end, we have one question to ask. Was the 44th president of the United States a lousy one? While many citizens praise the work Obama has done for the country, the man also has many fierce critics.

In today’s blog post, I detail the good and bad bits of the Obama administration.

Pro: The Affordable Care Act

One of the most notable things that Barack Obama has done as president of the United States is to sign in the ACA. Obamacare, as many of us call it, is a major overhaul of the American health care system.

In a nutshell, the ACA has changed the way that both health cBarack Obamaare providers and patients do things. The boon for individuals, in particular, is access to an affordable health insurance policy. The act ensures people can get insured at fair prices. Regardless of pre-existing conditions or their gender.

The ACA has also helped to lower Medicare costs and the amount of uninsured people in the United States. According to a Gallup poll, only 11% of adults in the U.S. have no insurance as of Q1 2016.

Con: Sanctions deal with Iran

Obama’s critics have a major bone to pick with him, and it’s over Iran. Think-tank officials like Mark Dubowitz make no secret of their distrust of Iran. Especially when one scrutinizes the deal and sees how it benefits Iran more than the West.

But, the deal got approval in the end. The U.S. isn’t pleased that Obama lied to them over the reasons to approve it. Iran is a volatile nation with a track record of supporting terrorism and hating much of the West.

Pro: Unemployment has reached an all-time low

Despite the global economic downturn from the last decade, unemployment is low in America. Back in October 2009, the unemployment rate in the United States was a worrying 10%. Six years later, that figure dropped down to a healthier 5%.

Conversely, the stock market has shown a sharp rate of growth under the Obama presidency. There’s no denying America has been through some tough times at the beginning of the 21st century. But, Obama has no doubt helped to steer the country through those ride tidal waves.

Con: people still aren’t earning enough money

Sure, the economy is booming, and corporations are profitable once again. But, who has benefited the least from this economic growth? The sad truth is many workers for those growing organizations haven’t benefited at all.

Wage growth has been mediocre at best. The median hourly pay, for example, has only gone up a paltry 7% since 2009! Industry is still recovering from recession and other financial setbacks. But, if there are no workers for companies, there is no economic growth! People still need to eat and pay their bills when all gets said and done.

What do you think about Obama and what he’s done for America? Feel free to let us know!

Staff Writer; Yolanda Moore

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