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Releasing & Clearing Negative Sexual Energy.

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( Whether you are involved in a deep, passionate, long-term relationship or just having a one night sexual fling with a man or woman, sexual intercourse is an energetic exchange. It does not matter if you have sex for 2 minutes or 20 years, you are a direct reflection of those who share your sexual energy with. Just as we are able to spread sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses such as the flu or a common cold, we too spread energetic debris.

While most adults enjoy engaging in sexual activities, we don’t take the same pride and joy in learning about the sexual process. Many of us will not even admit that we have participated in a sexual orgy, whether with multiple partners physically present or by sharing a sexual partner who is involved with someone else. The more sexual partners involved, the more energetic debris we accumulate. I can recall talking to my aunt about sex while attending high school and the first bit of information she gave me was to always remember I’m not just having sex with my partner, we’re in bed with everyone they have ever had sex with and their partners had sex with and so on.
Sex definitely has its healing abilities, provided the partners are healthy and of a high vibration but considering the constant spread of sexually transmitted diseases in states throughout the country, its safe to say we are hurting one another more through sex than in any other fashion. I have worked with clients who complain of being dizzy, disoriented and at times depressed the morning after having sex with their partner. Others experience nausea, headachblackcouple-KISSING-2016es, body aches, cloudy thoughts and poor judgement after sex. All are signs of toxic or negative sexual energy exchange.
We bath our bodies to ensure our physical cleanliness, but how do you cleanse yourself of sexual energy? After a break-up, is their a ritual in place to release the sexual energy of your partner or do you simply run off, full of your lovers sexual energy to attract someone similar? Contrary to popular belief, we attract partners based off of their energy rather than appearance. It is amazing how a persons energy will create its own illusion of physical attraction in your eyes.
• Epsom Salt and Baking Soda Bath. I make it apart of my weekly ritual to enjoy at least 2 of these baths per week to cleanse my aura/energy field. I recommend showering prior to sitting in the bath, cleaning the tub, filling the tub with water as warm as you can take it and relaxing for 25 minutes or until the water begins to cool. Not only is the bath refreshing, I find during this time many thoughts and emotions come to mind for me to release as well. Turn on some music, preferably without lyrics, grab a few bottles of water to drink, light white or orange candles and escape into the realm of inner healing, releasing and transformation.
• Forgiveness. At times our clouded judgment causes us to accept or allow unworthy sexual partners into our sacred gateway/yoni/vagina. It may be the result of intoxication, depression, loneliness or even being deceived by someone we thought had love for us and our best intentions at heart. Whatever the case may be, the experience has been shared as well as energy. Now is the time to accept what is, release what is no longer necessary and heal our wounds so that we do not continue on this path. Those who do not take time to fully heal and forgive themselves often attract more sexual partners who will take them through the same process. It is only in Hollywood that a powerful, purposeful, enlightened man rushes to save the helpless, deeply wounded, love starved woman. In the real world you attract the same energy you put out.
• Ocean Water. If you have access to the beach, it is by far the best healing remedy for releasing toxic energy overall. Spending as little as 30 minutes in the ocean is fun, refreshing, rejuvenating and therapeutic. I can’t explain it but I am most productive after playing in the ocean and sitting with my toes tucked in the sand.
 Gardening. Planting life in the earth restores our sense of well-being and helps us reconnect to our ability to breathe life into whatever we desire. The process of nurturing and bonding with our plants teaches us what unconditional love is and how one responds to it. When we love our plants, water them and place them where they can receive ample sunlight, the plants flourish, many times growing to be larger than expected. When we neglect our plants they wither, if we correct our wrongs we are able to bring our plants back to life. We are very similar to plants, when we nurture and love ourselves, we grow and are able to love more than we expected, when we neglect ourselves we suffer many deaths within.
• Spend Time in Nature. Sunlight and walking barefoot in the grass pull negative and toxic energy from our bodies. Its no wonder children crave being outside, running barefoot and playing in the dirt… its also no wonder why they always sleep peacefully after doing so. Children have no problem turning their sorrows, worries and frustrations over to Mother Nature and they do so without a second thought, naturally. We must learn to reconnect to Mother Nature to release our worries, fears, let downs and heartbreaks. I find myself bursting with energy and clarity after a walking meditation, sun gazing or outside meditation session.
Releasing and clearing sexual energy should not be a process limited to a break-up but rather an act that we partake in on a regular bases. I do not care if you are married to a spiritual healer, guru, sage or your soul mate, we all pick up energetic debris growing up on planet earth and we are all capable of spreading these energies sexually. It does not matter if you use a condom or not! Energy transmission can not be stopped with the use of a condom.
I strongly recommend refraining from having sex with your partner when they are angry, depressed or confused. Wise women run their partners a warm bath like the one above and allow them to cleanse their aura/energy field prior to entering their sacred and magical gateway.
Blessed Healing!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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3 Responses to “Releasing & Clearing Negative Sexual Energy.”
  1. Ayla says:

    Do you only care about helping black women or do you care about white woman as well?

    • Dina Tuff says:

      Hey Ayla, how are you? As a black woman I am extremely passionate about helping other black women in their healing and spiritual journey. I am first and foremost a black woman. Nonetheless I would hope that all women, not just the black and white ones, can benefit from my work and grow.

  2. Zainabou says:

    Thank You this is very helpful.

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