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4 Steps to Fulfilling Your Soul Mission.

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( During spiritual readings with my clients, the first question that usually comes up is what is my purpose or soul mission in life. I view one’s life purpose as making use of a talent we may have that can also generate income. Our life purpose is what we do to make a living. For some it might be in the field of teaching, athletics, styling, the arts, building, etc.

Our life purpose often differs from our soul mission which tends to be more spiritual or divine in nature. Our soul mission can be defined as our “calling” in life. Perhaps we are really good at making people feel better. Or maybe we say all the right things at the right time. I have met people who are really good at helping people to relax during the final moments of their life. Or you might be an excellent listener or shoulder to cry on. Our soul mission in lifeblackwoman-souldeep-soulness-2016 may not be a way for us to make a living but fulfilling the mission makes us feel good, peaceful and complete within.

Self-doubt usually begins to surface once we realize our soul mission, we begin to gauge our “success” just as we do when we are working to attain things in the material world. Rather than judging or beating yourself up, here are 4 steps you can take to assist you in fulfilling your soul mission:

  1. Teach As You Learn – You are your guide in evolving and you are to take others with you. Teach up, resist the urge to teach down. Work with others as you do with yourself. The goal is forward progress, not babysitting. Many times we think in order to ‘teach’ something, we ourselves must master it. This isn’t always the case! At times the topic may not be for you to master, perhaps in your presenting (teaching) info you will spark the mind of one who is to fully master the subject and teach it to others.
  2. Share Yourself – Share your feelings, what you have done, where you are going through and what you have learned. Be you…. connect with others. You are most magnetic when others are able to both see and feel you. The ego finds it hard to admit our mistakes, we want to share everything that we view as “good” in our lives. Question: where is the growth in perfection? What is the purpose of life if we are living as perfect beings? When we start to openly express our faults, shortcomings and failures we are able to gain the lesson and recover much faster. We also open ourselves up to the advice of others who have been there and done that. Closed mouths don’t get feed and ego filled spirits don’t advance.
  3. Be Open to Every Opportunity That Comes – Take it on! No matter how small or large you feel the opportunity is, it does not matter if you think or feel you are unprepared- take it on! You may even have opportunities that present themselves with little or no pay initially… take it on! You do not know who you may cross paths with. Perhaps this opportunity is not paying you anything but the one that opens up as a result of the excellent job you did just might be paying double.
  4. Put In Work 1st –  So often we speak on what we will do if we receive this or that, we make promises that once our life is in perfect working order we will go back and do all the things we claim we can not do at the moment. We are in the age of showing and proving, if you are going to uplift people, do it now. If you are to heal people, they need it now. If you are to teach people, the work starts now. Life nor the people you were sent to serve have time to wait until the illusion of perfection rolls around for you.
I am a firm believer that our soul mission is not complete until we transition from the earthly plane. Each day is a new opportunity to fulfill our soul mission no matter how big or small we may think it is, it can be life changing in the eyes of another.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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