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Divine Timing: Maintaining Consistency in the “Process”.

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( In a previous article on April 6, 2016, we discussed maintaining patience in the “process“. The process is the path and everything that comes with it, the lessons, the rewards, the failures, the pains, the connection, the fight and the purpose. Goals are easy to set and a struggle to follow through with. I feel the struggle for most of us is that we know what we want to reap for the things we do yet we have no clue who we want to help and why.

Yes! a new car, house or position would be wonderful to have but the “new” feeling quickly wears off when the monthly bills and headaches that come with your rewards start to roll around. I recall rapper Jadakiss asking “why is it the money motivates me but the love keeps me grounded” in the remix of his song “Why” but that is what’s required to maintain our consistency during the process. Our motivation must come from the love and passion we have towards what we do, its that love that will get us out of bed, that will keep us sharpening our iron and improving ourselves.

  • Power” is in the present moment. So often we give our powers over to the future, sacrificing all of our success, Woman At Windowhappiness and pleasure to our future reality. Everything that we desire is available in the present once we acknowledge the future is an effect of what we create today. Stay present!
  • Work your Magick! Your magick is your super power, its what you’re able to do without ease and the least effort. If you haven’t discovered your magick I strongly suggest you pray, meditate, sit with a spiritual advisor/reader, get your astrology or numerology chart done or whatever you feel led to do. Fact is, you must know your magick in order to work your magick.
  • Listen to Spirit. Listening to divine guidance helps you move along the path with clarity, faith and the awareness that your dreams and desires are available as long as you allow them to manifest in divine timing. At times we ignore the messages coming from Spirit, this includes talking yourself out of a divine thought by reflecting on the knowledge, time or money you do not have rather than reflecting on what you could have if you released your fears and limitations.
  • Act Immediately! When you are given a divine assignement, act accordingly. Act as though if you don’t accept your assignment today, it will be given to the next open soul ready to fulfill the mission. Our divine assignments aren’t merely about buying the house, car or vacation of our dreams, those things are the rewards that come from helping others. Rather than thinking about what you want, think about who and how you want to help others.

Legacies are created by those who are consistent, passionate and devoted enough to remain on course throughout the ups and downs of their life journey. Do not focus simply on what you desire to reap, put your heart focus on what you desire to create, who you desire to help and the legacy you want to leave behind you.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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