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Have You Mastered Enjoying Life in the Meantime?

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( Almost everyone livin in these current times has a “future vision” of how they want their lives to be. We have elaborate dreams of what our lives will be later on down the road and in the current moment we convince ourselves that we must sacrifice our happiness, pleasure and success until we are able to possess certain material things. What we fail to realize when we are postponing our happiness that no one is promised tomorrow.

Even with the best of intentions to change the world, eradicate poverty, save the youth or find a cure for cancer, you can’t be certain you’ll be on planet earth to see your vision through. Many will wake up today for the last time, its the natural order of life. We live and we die. There are people who eat healthy and workout consistently who will not live past 40 and there are those who eat fast food religiously and stay in a drunken state who will see their 80s, you can’t determine the length of time you have on earth. What you can do is ensure that you maximize every day and live life to the African American woman sitting in parkfullest.

I do feel life is a much more fulfilling journey when we set goals to accomplish yet I do not feel these goals should be limited to acquiring material things. We must also make goals for our self improvements and inner success.

  • For every negative thought, follow-up with a positive one of equal weight. When you feel yourself slipping into a thought that makes you feel vunerable, pain or fear be sure to follow that thought up with one that makes you smile.
  • Enjoy yourself at all times. Do not put your happiness off until you meet your life partner, have children, buy a house, graduate college, drive your dream car off the lot or take a vacation. Do not limit your happiness to the pursuit of material things. Find ways to see pleasure and enjoyment in life on a daily basis.
  • Stop seeking approval. Find comfort in being yourself at all times rather than working so hard to blend in. The approval of others doesn’t make our lives better, it makes us miserable as we repress our true self which includes our personality, thoughts, beliefs and actions. There is no need to please people while neglecting yourself.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings as they come up. Do not prolong sharing your thoughts and feelings for a more suitable time because it rarely comes. Deal with situations as they come up. Take a moment to breathe, gather your feelings and express yourself without guilt and without shame. It is unfair to you and others for you to hold on to your thoughts and feelings simply because you don’t want to offend others. This isn’t a pass to be nasty or rude, being firm and clear works just fine.

It’s easy to live in the past as well as in the future, its learning to live in the present moment that requires faith, patience and strength. It’s the present moment which creates our future, use your time wisely.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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