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Creating a 33 Day Ritual to Spring Forward.

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( Spring is the season of renewal. The reawakening of new ideas, new life, new energy and new patterns. This new life is often seen first in nature as the days are longer, the skies are brighter, the flowers are blossoming and the leaves are sprouting on trees. Spring invokes a new sense of life and purpose within us. Many of us participate in a spring cleaning ritual where we clean everything from top to bottom, make use of incenses and sage to purify the air and open windows to release stagnant energy. With these new patterns comes new ideas, we begin thinking about the places we want to go, people we need to visit and things we need to do.

Rituals serve to incorporate beneficial practices into our day to day routine through consistency and dedication. It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit, I choose 33 days because it is a master number in numerology and resonates with blessings, inspiration, discipline and courage – all the components necessary when we are shifting our current reality. The number 33 states that “all things are possible“. When you look at the number 3 alone, it symbolizes self-expression, communication and encouragement.

Spring is the season that propels us forward. Everything about Spring reflects improvement, possibilities, beauty and rebirth making this an optimal time to begin a ritual to spring clean yourself from the inside out mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Mentally: Delete toxic music from your playlist. Any music that degrades you, your beliefs and your experiences should be removed immediately. Music that reminds you of traumatic experiences or toxic relationships, that incites violence and hatred within you or that makes you feel worthless all cripple your ability to spring forward and yes music matters. The same goes for the shows and movies you watch on television, anything that doesn’t leave you feeling inspired or motivated has no room in your journey this season. Also take time to clean out your library, at times we become collectors of books rather than students who study them. Ensure all the books in your library reflect where you are currently in your journey or where you are going. Give books that assisted you in reaching this point to others.
  • Physically: Tis the season for fruits, berries and veggies! Increase your water intake, especially if you suffer from seasonal allergies. In fact, most of our allergy outbreaks are directly related to the foods we eat. Focus on eating for nourishment rather than stuffing yourself full. Make use of the cooler mornings and evenings to add a walking or yoga ritual to your ritual. With all goals, be realisitic! If you haven’t exercised in a year, its unlikely you’ll jump into a ritual where you’re exercising every day for an hour. Remember even 15 minutes can make a major difference when your body isn’t accustomed to doing anything.
  • Emotionally: Here’s where we hold all of our pains, sorrows, frustrations, shortcomings and missed opportunities. Most weight gain comes from emotional eating. Instead of facing the issue at hand, we often pretend everything is okay and soon after we begin self medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, sex and all in between. Journaling helps many in releasing underlying traumas that may be years old yet as powerful as the day it occured. Journaling allows us to see clearly where we have been, where we are and where we intend to be. The healthiest techniques is learning to deal with issues when they arise, there is no better time than the time at which the issue occurs.
  • Spiritually: If prayer is the only tool in your spiritual toolbox, you might be spiritually bankrupt. Often we are attracted to prayer because we can use it as a reason to procrastinate. We claim to stay “prayed up” yet somehow we find ourselves in the same experience that we’ve been praying so long to get out of. Cleansing spiritually includes cleansing your aura, beliefs that hinder us and improving our relationship with Spirit. Your religion or spiritual beliefs do not matter if they aren’t propelling you forward in life.
33 Days Ritual Ideas
Mentally: Listening to uplifting music, reading self-help books, creative visualization, crossword puzzles, playing chess, shooting pool, learning about numerology & astrology.
Physically: Walking meditations, strength training, eating fruits, veggies & berries, a gallon of water daily, spiritual baths, tai chi, detoxing, sweating, colon cleansing.
Emotionally: Coloring, Journaling, writing for others (blogs/articles), talking about your feelings, burning rituals, suana/steam room therapy, yoga, chakra therapy.
Spiritually: Meditating after prayer, Reiki, spiritual readings/coaching, sun gazing, moon gazing, walking barefoot in the grass, spending time in nature, kundalini yoga, chakra balancing & healing.
Add to the list!! What are you including in your 33 day ritual to spring you forward?
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