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Inspirational Horoscopes to Spring You Forward.

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( Spring is the season of renewal. The reawakening of new ideas, new life, new energy and new patterns. Happy Spring Equinox!

Aries – You have the opportunity to truly shine doing what you are passionate about. Great success can be found by putting energy into that thing you are most passionate about, that thing that causes your blood to boil. Your rage is one of your most powerful assests when you are able to control your words, reactions, behavior and thoughts. By standing in your power, your rage becomes an intense energy which can be directed into new projects.

Taurus – Your magick lies in your ability to make things grow and your ability to bring things back to life. You have a tendency to repair things rather than starting something new and allowing it to grow. This season is about you learning when to start new life vs when to breathe new life into old things. Use your green thumb cautiously and this is not limited to gardening.2016-horoscope-blackwomen

Gemini – Slow down and smell the flowers. At times you get so ahead of yourself that you lose sight of where you are and hence lose the ability to effect changes or even see what is necessary. Take time to reflect on the lessons learned during winter and decide what it is you desire to sow & reap during Spring. Your power lies in your ability to be clear! Manifest what you want, don’t be a victim of circumstance.

Cancer – Time is of the essence! It’s time to make a decision and stand in it. There is no such thing as the perfect time, all you have is NOW. You have allowed many seasons to past waiting on an opportunity that only you can create. You are responsible for co-Creating your reality! Angels, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Teachers, etc. are not capable of making that decision for you. Your magick lies in your ability to make decisions and follow through with the necessary actions.

Leo – Reflection is everything! This season is about vision, clarity, focus and commitment for you. Great things aren’t about the time that goes into them but rather the energy, love, optimism and passion put forth. Stop viewing things in terms of “time” and reflect on effort. You get what you give!

Virgo –  You have the world in your hands right now, do not let it go! You are most hardworking and practical, you do need to make more room to play. It is during play that our imagination comes alive and from the imagination, new possibilities can be seen. Allow yourself to reap play and excitement this season, it only makes life better.

Libra – Don’t be so quick to choose the path that looks most glamorous or easy. Choose the path that challenges you so that you may grow in character, faith and strength. Everything isn’t black or white nor left or right – there are multiple options in every situation. That which comforts you may be the very thing that limits you. Take a chance! Go outside the norms you are accustomed to and allow yourself to be more than right or wrong, man or woman, happy or sad, in this journey of life.

Scorpio – You reap what you sow! Unfortunately, deep thinking isn’t sowing – action is. Do not contemplate your life away attempting to understand the outcome of an experience you have not had. Do not contemplate your life away attempting to understand the attitudes, paths and experiences of others. Too much time is wasted in thinking, not about what you desire but rather what happened in the past. You are not an airplane, you are not able to fly carrying the baggage and waste of others, including yourself.

Sagittarius – You have put in major work this past winter releasing negative thoughts, toxic people, traumatic memories, physical waste and fearful illusions from your reality. It is truly time for you to present your rejuvenated & transformed self to the world around you. This season is about learning proper maintenance techniques to remain in this new state of being which requires you eat, think, feel & attract differently than you have in the past. Water is your fuel, it keeps you clear, pure and moving.

Capricorn – You have experienced death on multiple levels last season. Death of relationships, limited thoughts patterns and beliefs as well as careers that no longer serve a higher purpose. Rather than mourning your losses, spend time reflecting on the good that came from each experience. Remember we must lose in order to win. Replace what’s no longer needed with new possibilities, experiences, people and opportunities. This time is all about new beginnings but you are responsible for creating the vision of your soon to be reality.

Aquarius – While you’re usually eager for Spring, this year is slightly different. Spring usually presents you with numerous opportunities to play and travel with others, this season will be more self reflective and possibly more secluded than expected. This is because you haven’t decided what you are going to grow in your garden this season. Much of your energy and intensity is built on what you intend to reap in the end. Your goals and desires fuel you and synchronize your movements with your highest good. Your power lies in you setting clear intentions.

Pisces – Your power lies in your ability to sense and feel what is going on around. So often we get caught up attemting to “think” our way to success completely dismissing our emotions in the process. Those teaching the law of attraction often forget to mention the major role our feelings play in co-Creating our lives. A thought is worthless if it doesn’t create a response from our feeling center. Do not run from your feelings, run towards them. Your feelings are your GPS signaling which route is best for travel.

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