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6 Reasons He Won’t Commit.

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( Romance and relationships may be the most talked about subject amongst women. I can’t think of a time I did a spiritual reading for a client and romantic relationships didn’t come up. Everyone is seeking love and partnerships, often for dysfunctionl reasons. Most women have an ideal man in mind, they know what they’re attracted to physically and what they want the man to believe on a religious surface level but when you begin to explore the deeper aspects such as the life path and mission of the desired partner and the balance needed between the two, you quickly realize most women desire a social media or Hollywood romantic experience that doesn’t exist.

This explains why we’re constantly bouncing from relationship to relationship with the same type of man in different clothing. We continue to attract what we are within, until we are able to see what needs to evolve. We are mirrors to our romantic partners, rarely do opposites attract. We assume because we have different behaviors, such as the woman being a homebody and the man loving the nighlife, that we are opposites. We fail to realize that we are the same inspite of our behaviors being different. Our vibrational frequency is the same, we share many of the same limitations, fears and shortcomings.

You may feel your mate is a liar when its done to you however, whenPortrait of mid adult couple you lie to your employer or friends you don’t see the big deal. You may feel your mate is a cheater when its done to you however, when you cheat yourself out of opportunities its no big deal. The same rules apply when we are attracting men who are unable to commit, deep within ourselves, we too are unavailable. Thankfully everyone who comes into our life is a teacher but its up to us to get the lesson.

1) Low Self Worth – I find it most interesting how we, as women, see low self-esteem, low self-worth and self-hatred in other women yet fail to see the signs in men. Yes, men too struggle with their self-esteem. This guy often brags about his car, house, brand of clothing, bank account, women or job title when asked anything about himself. Many men crave material things to cover their flaws, in fact I’ve heard men say “if I was broke she wouldn’t want me” yet they remain in an experience where they feel undervalued and unappreciated.

2) Lacking Long Term Goals – He has absolutely no idea where he’s going or what he’s doing with his life. This personality is looking for something to do for the moment, he has no concrete goals or aspirations. I have heard some men say they were lost until they met their wife or romantic partner and that it was the woman who came about and guided them. That’s wonderful, if you desire to be that woman. I prefer a man with vision so we can come together already on purpose rather than seeking it.

3) Commitment Issues – So many men struggle with commitment issues and this isn’t limited to relationships. This guy starts many projects but completes few. He struggles to find purpose in his life, he often backs out of aggreements at the last minute and makes irrational decisions quickly taking little time to reflect on the consequences. Cheating is a sign that one does not have themselves under their own control. Nothing just “happens” in life, we have to be in a certain place, at the right time for things to align and for that reason alone there are no mistakes, simply bad decisions and this guy is well known for making those.

4) No Self Control – He’s as weak as they get! This type of guy can be had sexually at any time and any place. He often speaks of being the victim and he’s somehow always right. His behaviors are destructive for him and those around him. He usually moves too fast for his own good and often regrets his decisions soon after they’re made. He’s easy to anger and aggravate and likely blows off the handle at any time. He may desire a committed relationship but usually so he can possess and control his partner in ways he’s unable to control himself.

5) Avoid Emotional Ties – This guy has usually sufferred emotional trauma in the past like most of us, his issue is that he just will not move forward from it. He’s put a fortress around himself and when feelings starts to appear, he quickly disappears from the scene. He doesn’t want to be alone but he doesn’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone so he attempts to avoid any experience to bond with women. This guy is often seen chasing skirt tails wherever he may go, “thirsty” is the term often applied to him.

6) It Doesn’t Fit Into Him Plan – Not every man wants to be in a committed relationship and guess what? That is perfectly fine! We only ask that men who choose this path communicate clearly with those he’s dating and more importantly, women must listen. I have male friends who have told women they were not looking for a relationship for whatever reason and its as if women decide its their duty to change the man’s mind. Needless to say, you can not change another person, thats a personal responsibility. Listen to what this man is telling you and thank him for his honesty. If you are seeking a committed relationship, remove yourself from the situation. There is nothing worse than being committed to an individual who is not committed to you.

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