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5 Vacation Ideas To Get Away From It All.

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( We’re only two months into the new year, but I could sure use a holiday already! The first few months are always the toughest to get through, and we all need a break. Perhaps you’re already planning your summer holiday. Or maybe you’re just looking for a long weekend to get away from it all. Trust me, getting out of the office, and getting some perspective on life will improve your health and wellness! You needn’t go far either. There are lots of vacation ideas that don’t cost a fortune. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. City break – There’s something wonderful about taking a weekend away to explore a new city. Why not rent an apartment, and live like a local for a few days. Do some research and find the best cafes, bars, and restaurants to treat yourself. Take a wander around the new streets, and take in Woman Looking at Mapthe cultural sites. You needn’t go for long. You don’t even need to travel too far. Load up Google maps and find a city close by that you haven’t explored yet.
  1. The great outdoors – It’s not for everyone, but sometimes a breathe of pure fresh air is just what the doctor ordered! Getting away from the city, and enjoying the great outdoors is great for your mind and body. Let your stresses drift away while you wander through the forests and mountains. You could even take a travel trailer, and spend the night out in the open. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even camp, and get up early for some hiking.
  1. Beach holiday – If the great outdoors isn’t really your thing, you might prefer a week on the beach. Luckily, the USA isn’t short on beautiful beaches. The Californian coast is arguably the best spot on the planet for a beach experience. The buzz of the Golden Coast is hard to beat. Florida is another great beach destination, though Miami is certainly more of a party town! Don’t forget about the stunning Caribbean islands that are only a short plane ride away. Anguilla should be at the top of your list. While visiting such a beautiful island, Cap Juluca should be your go to hotel & beach. Enjoy yourself, and just have fun with family and friends.
  1. Spa break – Another lazy option is a simple spa break. You can probably do this in your home town, but you’ll instantly feel a world away. Take a few friends, and indulge yourself in your favourite treatments. Many of the best spa resorts have a luxury feel, and you’ll spend a weekend getting pampered. Sign me up!
  1. Adventure holiday – If the idea of a weekend of spa treatments sounds boring to you, perhaps you’d be more at home on the slopes? Take a long weekend, and head to the Rocky Mountains. Sign yourself up for some skiing or snowboarding. Or why not try some rock climbing? There’s nothing better than feeling free and exhilarated to take your stresses away!

Whether long or short, a vacation will help you recharge your batteries, and reduce your stress. You’ll come back to work feeling energized and refreshed. If money were no option, where would you go, readers?

Staff Writer; Paula Johnson

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