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Healing & Raising Your Vibration thru Conscious Eating.

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( Food is a staple of our day to day existence. We must eat to live! Unfortunately, we reside in a society where the foods we eat are causing more illnesses than healing. There are cases where individuals who eat “junk foods” such as sweets, processed foods and sodas are heart healthy while those who take in a larger amount of vegetables, fruits and leans meats are suffering from cancer, diabetes and other illnesses.

These cases make me feel it’s not what we eat but rather our attitude about our food that brings about healing and nourishment or illness and despair. For example, if you eat veggies often but do so in a state of discontentment and sorrow because you prefer to eat something else, the quality of your food diminishes. Love heals all! Even where food is concerned. When we take time to enjoy our food and we are passionate about what we put into our mouths, we stay full much longer than when we’re eating distracted or something we’d prefer not to eat. The love you have for your food has the ability to raise or lower its vibration.

Your vibration can be defined as the frequency at which you vibrateMixed race woman eating fruit salad in kitchen and is a combination of your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, essence, desires, fears, words and the light which comes from you. Our vibration can shift throughout the day and hence requires we constantly work at maintaining a higher vibrational frequency.

Symptoms of low vibrational frequency includes: Worry, shame, guilt, constant pain, sorrow, illness, headaches, emotionally distant, constant fatigue, frequent complaining, argumentative and attraction to violent movies and music.

Symptoms of high vibrational frequency includes: Recovery, wholesomeness, ability to tell and receive the truth, mental clarity, self-awareness, emotional balance, self-disciplined, in sync with the mysteries & miracles of live, ability to nurture others and intuitive nature.

Eating consciously means we are fully aware of the benefits and energies associated with the foods that we eat and rather than eating out of boredom or because our cravings have overpowered us, we eat to live and to heal. For example, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are symbolic of love, friendship, healing and immortality. Everything is alive, everything has a purpose, everything has a vibration.

Conscious eating is in progress when we reclaim our power to heal from within and without a constant supply of manmade medical drugs which causes more harm than good over the long run. Conscious eating is in progress when we begin to research the healing properties of our food and set our intentions around eating, not on getting full, but rather receiving nourishment and healing.

4 Steps to Conscious Eating

1)      Investigate Your Hunger – Ensure that you are hungry! When we are low on water, the rumble in our stomach is similar to what we fill when we’re hungry. Take a moment to breathe deeply and investigate the needs of your body. When we stuff our stomachs and still feel hungry, it’s a sign that we did not satisfy the craving of our bodies. Pay attention to your needs.

2)      Slow Down and Chew Thoroughly – Set aside at least 30 minutes to eat your meal. This is a wonderful time to power your phone off, tablet and other gadgets. Disconnect! Eating is a spiritual act just like prayer and meditation, would you stop praying to respond to a text? If you are eating with others, make sure your conversation is of a higher vibrational frequency. This is not the time to talk about your heartaches, disappointments and regrets. When you have food in front of you, every word coming out of your mouth should be speaking power and healing over your food. After all, you are what you eat!

3)      Savor Your Food – Take time to really chew and savor every bite. Don’t be in a hurry to finish only to get seconds, take time to break your food down in your mouth to relieve your digestive system of the strenuous work. Besides, the more slower you chew, the less you eat and the more delicious food you’ll have available for your next meal.

4)      Research Your Food – Find out what you’re eating and reading the food label is obviously not enough. Vegetables, fruit and water do not have food labels so it is up to you to find out the benefits of eating these food so that you are able to heal your cravings without overindulging in food. Knowing thyself is knowing thy food. Knowing thy food is healing thy self.

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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