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A perfect coffee table: 10 useful tips.

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( Decorating a living room can be a lot of fun! As well, it can raise as a massive problem. What kind of couch do you need? Do you need a stand for your TV set or a hanger? Which color should you use for walls? When basic decorations are over, you would often notice that something is missing. Yes, a coffee table! This little piece of furniture accomplishes the design and plays an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere for your living room.

Our team and came up with useful tips for choosing a perfect coffee table for your room!

  1. Choose the place you will put a coffee table on. Closer to the couch or near the wall, in the potential center or along the sofa – the decision is all yours. Therefore, it is recommended to put a coffee table in the center of sitting space in a living room.
  2. Try figuring out the size of a coffee table you would like to purchase. It should fit the overall height of other pieces of furniture in the room and leave some free space for walking. Blocking way in order to please your design concept is a terrible idea.
  3. Decide what kind of functions a coffee table is going to fulfill. If it is a part of decoration and you would not touch it at all – your choices are infinite. However, if would like to use it as an actual coffee table or an additional workspace – try searching for the comfortable one.
  4. A kid-friendly coffee table. Having kids means focusing the attention on harmful details of your furniture. Consider buying a low o-shaped table. Haven’t got kids yet? Skip up.
  5. Living rooms are all about entertainment. Considering this, why don’t you get a portable coffee table? The light one with small wheels would work out perfectly.
  6. It is really comfortable to have a shelf underneath the main surface to carry books, magazines, remotes, and any other stuff you might need in a living room. You can also put some baskets under a coffee table to save the open space.
  7. The basic material is one of the hardest choices if the design of your living room is a mix of different interior styles. Remember that wood is a good choice no matter what kind of atmosphere you are trying to create. It is solid and serves for a long time. Metal and glass are perfect for high-tech interiors; a coffee table made of these materials can be very sophisticated and light. Don’t be afraid of experiments!
  8. Two or more sofas. If you have a big living room with few couches, a big coffee table might seem like a great decision until you see how bulky and incongruously it looks. Why won’t you try two matching tables or a group of small tables?
  9. Glass tops. This kind of surface looks perfect and would not block the view of your special rug. But watch out: these tops are quite fragile and get stained easily.
  10. Color and tone. Last but not the least, this decision is grounded on the style you stick to. Although, it is a good idea to get a bright-colored table as a lively dominant of the interior.

Staff Writer; Sherry Wilson

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