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September Inspirational Horoscopes.

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( Virgo – Go Virgo, it’s your birthday!! And the universe is opening to give you all you desire this month as long as you laugh, play and enjoy life. Easier said than done, huh? This month is all about getting your desires in order. What exactly is it that you want in life Virgo? What do you desire to accomplish before September 2016? What brings you pleasure? When do you laugh most? With whom do you play best? You will find that remaining in a state of peace and happiness will bring many more rewards to you than merely working hard this month. Physical work comes natural to you, emotional and spiritual work requires you to slow down, tune in and listen. Peace be still Virgo! Release, Allow, Give Thanks, Repeat.

Libra – Grab your shield and guard yourself Libra! Everyone is coming to you with their problems this month and you must learn how to release the need to take on people’s issues as your own. Not your circus, not your monkeys. You can be an ear or shoulder to cry on without feeling the need to find a solution to save the world. Practice holding sacred space for others without analyzing, just be present. There is no reason why you should feel exhausted after a friendly conversations when the other party is walking away feeling as though they’ve released a load. Many of the problems you face aren’t yours at all. Protect yourself from negativity by leading conversation towards more empowering, healing aspects rather than allowing others to drown themselves in the sorrows of life. Take control of the conversation and your environment.

Scorpio – It’s time to step into your passions Scorpio. You’ve spent over half of the year running from your spiritual gifts and talents, what have you learned in the process? Where are you running to? What are you running from? What is progress? Have you progressed? This month is all about you delving into the realms of your deepest fears, the fears that keep you from following your hearts desires. The fears that keep you stuck in the same situations horoscopes-2015day after day, year after year. The fears that allow you to think you aren’t ready or that preparation comes without practice. How can you get ready to do something if you’re not already doing it? Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. Devote time daily to enhancing your skills.

Sagittarius – Love is in the air Sag! This isn’t limited only to self-love but also love of self, love of nature, love of family, love of talents, love of God/Source and love of life. Allow yourself to indulge in giving and receiving love this month, it’s healing for your soul and it adds to your quality of life. Embrace new people, new environments and new opportunities to learn and travel as they come up in your life. Don’t over-analyze everything! If it feels good, flow with it. You have more than enough intellect to allow yourself the freedom of living in the moment. You are responsible! Be adventurous, have fun and play with others. September just might become your favorite month.

Capricorn – Rather than attempting to hide your feelings and maintain your oh so cool demeanor, this month allow yourself to express what you are feeling. Your feelings greatly impact your work Capricorn and the more you attempt to keep within, the less you are able to produce effectively. Move your body! Whether walking, lifting weights, dancing, yoga or your favorite physical activity, sweat releases toxins from the body. Get your sweat on, speak on your feelings immediately and create from your heart center. You may find getting work completed this month comes with ease.

Aquarius – Your thoughts are so vast, as are your desires and at times you move so quickly that its difficult for the universe to clear on exactly what it is you want. Remember that each time you change courses, you change the outcome of your journey. It is imperative that you be precise in stating your desires versus what you are just fantasizing about. What is it that you desire to learn? What is this knowledge worth? How will you utilize this information? You waste entirely too much time learning about different things for the sake of knowing or arguing. Use your time wisely, use your mental space wisely. Don’t take in any more knowledge than you need. Remember for knowledge to become wisdom (understanding), you must have a life learning experience.

Pisces – Realize every setback isn’t defeat Pisces! At times it merely means you need extra time to restrategize. Instead of sulking, immediately look at your plan, look at you desires and make adjustments as necessary. It could be that you didn’t aim high enough in setting your goals, perhaps your time frame isn’t sufficient for what you plan to do or it could be that you are starting off on the wrong foot with doubt, fear or insecurities. Every setback doesn’t call for you to quit! Learn to work through your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Greatness lies on the other side with self mastery.

Aries – Your magick lies in being able to control not only yourself but your environment Aries. Have you noticed how your mood affects your envorinment? How often do you cross paths with angry or argumentive people when you are in your “happy” place? How often do you meet light hearted, inspired or enthusiased individuals when you are angry? You have the ability to transform a space that may be plagued by sorrow and add light to the space. You also possess the ability to go into a loving space and create unnecessary havoc. Pay close attention to your energy and invest time into getting you in the proper head and heart space prior to leaving your home. You should never leave angry and if you return home angry, immediately cleanse your space and enjoy a hot epsom salt bath. This month focus on being in control of yourself and your mood! Work through issues as they come up lest you hold them in and explode on everyone.

Taurus – Reflect on your needs Taurus! Take time to step aside from what you are giving and explore if you are receiving what you need in return.Who do you love? How is that love shown? How do you accept love? When do you need more love and affection? Who do you need it from? Communicate your needs openly, don’t assume anyone knows what you need. At times you are very hard to read and come off as though you have everything together. Most people in your life may see you as a superhero, it’s very easy to forget that you need what you give in return unless you make that clear. Allow September to be the month you allow your loved one’s to love on you, the glow makes you sparkle all the more.

Gemini -While multy tasking is a hassle for most, your strength actually derives from doing multiple things at once. The key this month is ensuring those tasks blened smoothly together and that each supports your overall goal. You have the tendency to balance everything that lacks importance while neglecting the things that truly matter. Everything isn’t as mental as you’d love it to be, many things require you to get emotionally vested. Set goals this month that propel you forward! You will find that you get 2-3x’s as much done compared to the average person because you are built to do much at once, the key is not changing goals midway. Stick to the course and allow yourself to complege a goal this month. Is your space tidy? If not, focusing is going to be a struggle. Are you drinking water frequently? If not, you’re going to be fuzzy mentally. Are you resting? If not, you’re going to be slow motion which makes you prone to quitting. Set a goal, set your deadline, set your rewards & also set consequences to keep you on course.

Cancer – This month Cancer, set your focus on identifying, releasing and replacing negative energy and thought-forms one at a time. Pay close attention to how you feel around others. Are you nervous? Anxious? Excited? Inspired? Open? Shelled? By paying close attention to the vibes you pick up around others as well as in different environments, you’ll be better able to release what is no longer necessary in your journey. Same rules apply when you are listening to music, watching television or drifting away in your own thoughts. Pay close attention to your feelings and remember what we feel reflects what we think and what we think manifests in reality. Feel and think in a fashion that’s aligned with your highest good.

Leo – All is fair in love and war is merely an illusion. This month refrain from sparking arguments to get your point across and use your ability to dialouge. While you have a way with words and generally are able to persuade others in your direction, its usually a choatic scence. By engaging in dailouge with others you stand to gain more insight and solve more problems. Don’t rationalize your conversations before hand, speak from the heart in the moment, you  have a much more powerful presence when you do. Have fun conversing with others, people are so eager to share with you if only you would take the time to listen. You will quickly find that most of the people you know can either assist you in achieving your goals or are connected to someone who can be of assistance. Everyone is valueable! Honor the people who surround you this month, they’re here to assist in your advancement.

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