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July 2015 Inspirational Horoscopes.

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( Cancer – This month is all about partnerships! In partnerships we find balance to give and receive, we find support, we see our reflection more clearly, we learn to build, we learn to trust and we are able to play more freely with others. This isn’t liimited only to romantic relationships, it includes friendships, business partners, workout buddies, etc. In each partnership you want to ensure you are giving AND receiving lest you begin to feel misused. Make a conscious effort to allow others to do things for your according to their means and abilities.

Leo – It’s time for a retreat! A brief interlude so to speak, take a moment to step off your platform and truly assess the path you are currently upon. Are you on this path because the love, attention and support of others is good? Are you happy with where you are heading? Now is the time to get clear, to recenter or realign yourself to the mission ahead. This month is giving you all the time you need to get yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared for the year to come. Use your time wisely!

Virgo – While it may seem things are falling apart in the worst of ways, its actually the best thing for you at this time in your journey. As things fall apart, you have the opportunity to decide whats worth repairing, you’re able to see what’s built so strongly it can’t be destroyed as well as what’s no longer needed in your life. Embrace this change! You can’t always be in control Virgo, focus on maintaining your balance throughout the month. And be sure you replace each thing/person/situation released with one more aligned with your highest good. Nothing lasts forever…….

Libra – It’s a month of balance and justice for you Libra. A month of sincere honesty, the type of clarity that allows you to see beyond the beautifully adorned veil many wear around you. You have many decisions to make this month. Take your time, completely weigh out all of your options, pay close attention to your dreams, look at the actions of others over their words and ensure that everything surrounding you supports the goals you have in heart. Now is the time to feel your way through.horoscope-2015

Scorpio – Are you ready to use your sexual energy to create the life you desire? This month is granting you the opportunity to redirect your sexual energy into something more sustaining than an orgasm. Now is the time for you to get clear on what it is you want in life. Your vagueness in requests to Spirit/God/Source is going to cause more harm than good. Be specific! Stop falling for or going after what’s currently in front of you, take time to reflect on if you’re being guided into something beneficial or merely tempted by distractions. At all times you must be aware of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and the possible outcomes otherwise you’re distracted from the mission.

Sagittarius – Out with the old, in with the new! This month is all about cleaning the slate Sagittarius. In the past you’ve had many things/people/thought forms/feelings/obstacles removed from your path, sadly you decided to seek them out and invite them back in. July is the month that you must clear the path for yourself! You are fully responsible for creating a team around you that lifts you up, that challenges you, that accepts you, that understands you and that has your highest good in mind. Pay close attention to your relationships to enusre both parties are giving and receiving. Come out of your mental self and listen to your feelings, you are strong minded and have the potential to delude yourself at times. Feelings don’t lie, feelings can’t be faked nor can feelings be continously be ignored. Your emotional self is stepping forth this month and you will quickly realize how much powerful your manifestations are when they’re fueled by emotions.

Capricorn – Freedom is the quest of the month! Learning to allow yourself to enjoy life in the NOW. Happiness isn’t something you forsake in pursuit of your dreams, happiness is the substance that makes attaining goals easier. Free yourself from limited thinking, free yourself from living in the future, free yourself of thinking that hard work over rules all, free yourself of the unjust pressure you put upon you. Live! Life isn’t about the destination, its about the journey to reach it.

Aquarius – Love is in the air Aquarius!! Romantic love, passionate travels, indulgent foods, heartfelt conversations and sensual thoughts. Take it in stride, allow yourself to freely experess what you are feeling. Everything doesn’t have to be planned nor does everything require hours of thought. You are excellent at making decisions, you are exceptionally gifted; trust yourself to lead the way. It’s not always about the mental self and this month will be an amazing one for you as you reconnect to nature, to the touch of others, to feeling others, to enjoying others and to basking in the moment.

Pisces – You are reaping what you’ve sown this month Pisces! Your level of excitement OR despair upon hearing this depicts where you are in your journey and how you’ve invested your energy. Balance is vital!! You must learn when to play and when to work, when to speak and when to be silent, when to move and when to reflect. Timing is everything for you this month. Set daily goals, if you are easily sidetracked then hourly goals may work better for you. The mission is to have a list of things you’ve completed in hand at the end of the day. Your reapings will be equal to the ‘enery‘ you’ve invested in your work.

Aries – You are freeing yourself from the fire of your emotional self this month. The soothing cancer waters is making this summer a bit more refreshing for you this month. Take time to focus on your breath, make a conscious effort to breathe before you speak. Not only does this give you a moment to analyze and organize your thoughts, it also creates a space for spirit to guide you in your conversations with others. Spend as much time with your barefeet in the grass or dirt as you possibly can. Nature helps to remove toxic feelings, thoughts and energy from our physical selves. Drink plenty of water and walk/run/jog as often as you can to release pent up energy and emotions.

Taurus – Restoring your inner balance is the focus of the month! Realigning yourself to nature is imperative. Its the perfect month to grab some seeds, soil, a pot and your intentions as you are straving to see something grow. You are at your best when you are able to nurture something or someone, what better to nurture at this time than your goals? As the seeds begin budding, so will the intentions you’ve planted with them. Don’t rush to the destination, take time to enjoy the growing process. 

Gemini – Give your mind a break! Leave the thought provoking conversations, hard to digest realities and unexplainable theories alone for the month. You have a lifetime to figure out the mysteries of the Universe, consider this month your vacation. Relax, treat yourself to a massage, spend time in the sauna, play in the pool, chase the ice cream truck, take an art class. Allow inner child to emerge this month for some fun in the sun.

Happy Manifestings!!!

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