Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Aligning Your Relationships for Success.

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( Love and Prosperity! Welcome to Moonday’s edition of Astro Weekly, your one stop spot for this week’s happenings in astrology.

This Week’s Energy is all about Aligning Your Relationships with Success!

Opportunities comes most often to those who are ready to take a leap of faith. I’d say this is due to the clarity of where one is going and how they’re willing to get there.

This energetic focus is one of partnership (balance) and adventure (freedom). Together we have the opportunity to create magick with those we are most aligned with.

While most of us dislike the notion of “using” someone to get where we desire to be in life, the truth is we are stepping stones for one another.healthy-relationship-2015

In each partnership we should be looking to see how our partner/friends can benefit us in the advancement of our goal and vice versa. Within the ‘vice versa’ is where we create balance.

Balance in partnerships is essential being as though we reap what we sow. When we are of service to others in the pursuit of their goals, we create a space in our life to reap the same. Paying it forward!

Sadly we’ve bought into the mentality that it’s better to give than to receive. This cause us to give so much of ourselves that we feel depleted, misused and abused leaving little energy to pursue our own desires. 

Here’s where ‘freedom’ comes into play. You must be FREE enough within yourself that you can allow others to be of benefit to you.

While independence is the theme of the decade, truth is we’re all dependent on others. Whether it is to be hired for a job, to maintain our current position or to gain customers to sustain our business.  Constantly giving and not allowing others the opportunity to return the favor is selfish! It’s inconsiderate and it constricts the flow of positive energy and balance. Give others the opportunity to pay it forward.

We need each other! Take time this week to evaluate ALL of your relationships to ensure balance and freedom exists in each. If not, now is the time to decide what you need from others and what you are capable of giving.

Happy Manifestings!!

Staff Writer; Dina Tuff

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