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3 Fitness Goals You Can Reach Today!

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( It is common for people to choose fitness and wellness goals that are difficult to attain, which can often be discouraging. Here are some ways that you can improve the quality of your life almost immediately! See if any of these goals seem fun to try:

1. Enjoy Your Food More– Even if your food choices and portions are not what you consider ideal, appreciate what you are eating. Take the opportunity to savor the smell, taste and presentation of your meals. Consider putting your fork or spoon down between each bite and focus on the feel and flavor of the food already in your mouth.

As a personal trainer, my clients often ask what they should do when they want foods considered “bad” (i.e. fattening, sweet, salty and/or low in nutrition). In many cases, my suggestion is to have three bites of the food they are craving, and to enjoy each of those bites completely. It is possible to be very satisfied with a small portion of a treat when one is paying attention to how pleasurable the experience is.

Eating more consciously can help you: make more careful choices about portion size, digest your food in a relaxed manner, and make the calories you take in more worthwhile!Women breathing deeply, touching chest

2. Reduce Your Risk of Injuries and Accidents– One of the most important ways to improve your health is to learn how to minimize setbacks! Are you multi-tasking while you drive? Activities like: texting, putting on make-up, and choosing music on your iPhone are all better done when not in a moving vehicle.

When you are at the top of a staircase, pause to check that you are paying attention. Are you fumbling around trying to find your keys while walking down the stairs?  If your hands are in your pockets while you walk, it is safer to remove at least one of them in case you lose your balance. Speaking of balance, it is great to practice standing on one foot once in a while to improve your sense of stability and agility.

Sometimes bad luck is just bad luck, random accidents can just happen. Many times though, people are hurt in ways that could have been avoided.  
Try to: be aware of your surroundings; 
wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow for sudden movement; concentrate on each activity instead of doing multiple things at once; take fewer risks if you are sick, drunk or under the influence of drugs (easier said than done), tired or highly emotional.

How many ways can you find in your daily life to move around more safely? The first step towards getting more fit is protecting the level of wellness you already have.

3. Develop Your Sensuality– It is common to assume that sensuality and sexuality are the same thing, when that is really not the case.  Sexuality tends to refer to physical contact that includes the genitals and often orgasm. Great stuff in the right circumstances!

Sensuality meanwhile, includes a much wider range of possibilities.  The five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste can all be improved much like strength, balance, and flexibility.

How many of us are fully making use of our senses throughout each day?  Sometimes there is just the right amount of cool breeze or warming sunshine.  Which fabrics feel best on your skin?  Silk, velvet, or maybe cozy fleece?  One of my favorite colors is green and I always try to notice when I walk by trees or can see them out a window.  Hearing a favorite song or massaging the back of your own neck can feel like bliss.

Therapeutic advantages of a sensual lifestyle can include: less negative stress, better body awareness, possible pain reduction, and in many cases, a more stimulated libido.  Savoring the benefits of having a well functioning body is its own reward!

See? It is not necessary to lose 10 pounds or run a 12-minute mile before feeling like health benefits are being initiated.  These are just a few of the many creative ways to choose goals that can deliver meaningful life improvements as soon as today.

Staff Writer; Margo Rose

One can also connect with this talented lady over at; BodyAwareGrieving.

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