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Tips for the Un and Under-Employed.

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( Unless one is joyfully retired or independently wealthy, being under or un-employed can be hugely stressful.  Most of us find it difficult to feel “productive” without enough structure to our day and contact with like-minded people.   Plus, just the passage of each day can be a source of tension since rent, utilities, and grocery bills happen regularly even when our paychecks do not.  During times like these it becomes critical to find ways to relax, feel accomplished, stay focused, and become revitalized.

I will be honest and admit that I am referring to myself also.  The past few years have been very tough for people in industries that are considered to be a “luxury” like hiring a personal fitness trainer.  So, along with actually seeing my current clients, my “job” for the past two years has been marketing my services as a fitness trainer.  Meanwhile when times are tough, self-employed people like myself, are generally not collecting unemployment insurance like folks who have been laid off from a previous job.

The primary purpose of this article is to emphasize that job hunting at whatever level requires additional forms of self-care.  Whether you are applying for jobs along with many other qualified candidates or needing to sparkle while promoting your services at networking events, being at your best is very helpful.  It is time to be extra kind, patient, and supportive with yourself.

Here are some tips that have been useful to me:

1. Schedule your “work” time and your “breaks” in a calendar. Otherwise it can feel like time is just floating by without enough structure.© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporation

2. Get out of the house! Go to a cafe, the library, park, or visit a friend.  Being in one location for too long can stifle creativity and motivation.

3. Remind yourself of which skills you are proud of and pursue some new activities that can help build even more confidence. Feeling versatile is great for the self-esteem.

4. Connect with other people in a similar situation or career as yours. Sharing ideas on-line and various networking communities is important.

5. TAKE A VACATION…job hunting can be one of the most challenging ‘jobs’ out there! When and how are you going to create a sense of being “off duty” at the end of each day and “on vacation” to replenish yourself and celebrate?

6. Focus on making fitness and health improvements. Less time in a formal job setting can mean more opportunities for exercise, learning how to cook better, or exploring your local parks and natural settings.

7. Find ways to volunteer and help others. It can be uplifting to share your time and talents at a social service organization, spending more time babysitting your nieces and nephews or giving a few dollars to someone who is in a worse situation than yourself.

8. Find ways to enjoy a sense of liberation! Maybe you have less structure than before, perhaps you also have more freedom?  Is this a good opportunity for a travel or work abroad adventure, new career choice, or time to reinvent yourself?

9. Be proud of your ability to be more frugal. When shopping more carefully, using coupons and special offers, or taking part-time jobs that don’t pay well, try feeling glad that you have what it takes to survive and thrive.

10. Love your fine self…it sounds corny but it is true.  We are worth so much more than what job we have or how easily we can buy treats for ourselves!  When the warm blanket of financial security is pulled off us for a while, it is a perfect time to see who we really are and find value in ourselves more deeply.

What have you learned by being un or under-employedAny favorite tips to share about saving or making money

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