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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Faces: The Journey to Self Love.

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( As I stroll through blogs, articles as well as posts on social media I often find the threading trend to be ‘love’ centered. Everyone is talking about how to find love or how to keep it. Interestingly most information takes the route of telling women how to make a man happy, what a man desires in women or how to attract the perfect guy. Have you ever wondered the motive behind all this insight geared towards making you change in order to get a man?

Why are we, as women still seeking out information on how to get a man in 2014? More importantly, why are so many women changing their lifestyle, personality, appearance and goals to secure a relationship? I’m amazed at how far we women are willing to go in order to get a man while lacking consistency and dedication when it comes to making changes within forLoveWord-2014 our personal growth.

We’ll quickly jump into an exercise regime or into a diet plan to look good in a dress, of course to attract a man yet won’t leave the fatty, greasy foods alone to avoid diabetes or high blood pressure. We’ll quickly jump out of bed to go visit the guy who only calls late nights yet can’t find the energy to attend a yoga or meditation class.

Imagine if we invested the same energy and time into our own self improvement as we do to get a man. Where would we as women be if we stopped looking for love in all the wrong faces?

On Purpose – So many women have made finding love, whether in a healthy or unhealthy relationship, the focus of their lives. All of their happiness seems to revolve around the man they are currently with or hope to be with in the future. When we shift our energy and time back into self, we seek out activities that bring purpose and meaning to our lives. We avail ourselves to finding our passion, that which brings us to a state of wholeness, peace and serenity.

Worthy – It’s something about the light within a woman who has a healthy relationship with her friends and family whether a man is presently in her life or not. There is something intriguing about a woman who has other things to do! You know the one who can’t answer her phone every time it rings because she’s too busy enjoying her life. Too much availability reduces your worth! No man worth having wants a women who sits by the phone waiting on his call.

Happy – By focusing on ourselves rather than walking around with the scent and look of desperation on our faces, we find space to be happily in love with ourselves. Few women actually have a relationship with themselves! They have to call their man, friend or family member to cheer them up when life hits the fan because they haven’t taken the time to learn how to bring themselves back to a place of joy and happiness. If you don’t want to spend alone time with yourself, what makes you think anyone worth having would desire to be in your company?

Self Aware – Alone time gives us room to study, room to learn ourselves, room to listen to ourselves. For many its a scary process as we constantly choose to run from the truth, after all anything that makes us uncomfortable is wrong. When we take time to study ourselves and know who we are and what we bring to the table, we discover our self value. Knowing your value raises the standards of those you are willing to allow into your life. It also lessens the chances of entering the wrong relationships as you are fully aware of who you are and what you deserve.

Am I saying being single is the only path to self? Of course not! It is however, the easiest path as you aren’t forced to learn yourself while learning your mate. Use your time wisely! Overstand that like energy attracts like energy. A healthy, balanced woman will attract the like, as will a woman who is desperate and lonely.
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