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Working At Being Happy!

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( In my wonderful writing group EW Essentially Woman we were asked a question.  “When was the last time you were in a place of happy?” Of course as always when a subject comes up among the ladies of EW we tend to go into deep discussion, so as expected many of us came up with various answers.  During this course of discussion I discovered that happiness is different things for different people. 

Being happy is a state of being that many of us would love to be in.  I can pretty much guarantee it, since I don’t think most of us, if any want to be miserable.  Wouldn’t you say?  Even though I am sure that there’s one of twBusinesswoman at Desko that love to have a dark cloud floating above their head every day.

Well while I was thinking about the question I could not immediately come up with an answer.  Now being the over thinker that I sometimes am, I thought long and hard about this one.   I would have expected an answer to immediately pop in my head.  Well that was a no go. While reading each and every email response from the others, I still could not come up with one of my own. 

Soon I began to think how sad.  I found myself seriously questioning my happiness and my emotional state of being.  I asked myself “am I that depressed or doing that bad that I have to dig into the attic of my mind to rummage and move things around to locate that box holding the source of my happiness?”

I began to write a checklist in my mind. 

1. What makes me happy? 

2. What brings me joy? 

3. What makes me smile?

4. What makes me want to hop out of the bed in the morning?

Well I went back and forth.   I thought about it long and hard, actually a little too hard in my opinion.  I found the answer or so I think, because who knows it might change in the next month or next hour for that matter.

Drum roll please….. Happiness is what it is for the moment.  It may be a song that moves me.  It may be my son telling me that he loves and he would be lost without me.  It may be me sitting in the park and watching children play and laugh with not a care in the world.  It may even be seeing one person being charitable to another.  There are tons of things that bring me joy and cause me to smile.

I suppose like many other things in life; happiness dips, curves, comes out of nowhere and quietly disappears like a mist of fog.  Happiness is kind of like the sun.  It may go into hiding, but it always returns.

Happiness is always around the next turn.

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