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Ten Fantastic Ways to Spend Quality Time.

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( The kind of  time spent in a relationship determines if a relationship will last. Most people take for granted a their love being there with them on a daily basis. Most people feel that since your in a partnership with someone that anytime you spend with them can be considered quality time. Quality time is about how and what you’re doing with your significant other that makes the two of you love each other more. Quality also reinforces the bonds of the relationship. This lets the other person know that how much you value and love them. Below are ten great tips on spending quality time with your partner.

1. Go to the movies: Sometimes things in a relationship can get a little boring especially when the two of you have nothing better to do. When you’re doing the same thing every day the energy in the union gets drained. One great way to put a little energy in your partnership is simply by going to the movies. When you used to date your mate going to movies was a fun way to spend time with that person. How is going to the movies going to be any different now that you’re in a relationship?

2. Go to a game: One of the things that men and women differ on is their choice of hobbies. Men tend to like sports, and women tend to like shopping. If you’re  a woman a great way to spend quality time is to go to that game he wants to go to. Sure, it may not be the most entertaining thing you ever done, but showing an interest in what he likes is great way to spend some quality time with him.

3. Go shopping: Most men don’t like to go shopping with their women, but if you do go shopping with your lady she’ll definitely appreciate it. Shopping is fun for women just like watching a football game is fun for men. By participating in what she likes to do she’ll definitely love you a little more for it.

4. Take a romantic weekend trip: Sometimes in order to spend quality time with a person you have to change your environment. Nothing does that better than taking a romantic getaway weekend. By taking the weekend to spend it in each others arms is definitely a way to spend quality time.

5. Weekly date:  Another great way to spend some quality time with your African American giving wife gift over dinnermate is by having a weekly or biweekly date night. Going on romantic dates with your partner is another great way to spend valuable time with your love.

6. Have a fun date: Adults usually think that amusement parks are just for little kids, but going to one can be fun for everyone whether you’re an adult or child. Go to one and have yourself a great time with your partner.

7. Have a picnic:  Picnics can be an inexpensive way to have a great date. You don’t have to spend any money just pick a nice park  to go to and have a wonderful day with each other.

8. Do something adventurous together: One great way to have fun with your mate is by being adventurous. For instance, take a balloon ride or a camping trip. Think of fun things that you haven’t done with your partner and go for it.

9. Find a couples hobby: Hobbies are things that people do that entertain and interest them. By finding a hobby that the two of you like to do together is another great way to spend quality time with your mate.

10. Stay in bed: Sleep is a great thing. One awesome way to spend time with your love is to stay in bed with them. You can hold each other, have meaningful conversations, or just gaze into each others eyes until you fall back to sleep. Staying in bed is definitely another fantastic way to spend quality time with your mate.

Written By Zandra R. Moore
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