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Book Review; 101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves.

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( Is there such a thing as a Bible for the Black Woman? Well possibly and it might be called 101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves.

I came across this book with my sister circle group through the Niastlgroup.  We are in the midst of reading and discussing 101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves. This is not a book club, but reading Jamie Walker’s book is another resource that we are putting to use in helping us along on our journey towards becoming  better women, mothers, wives, partners and friends.

101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves touches on 101 topics that are very relevant to all women and some  cases others also.

– Learning How to Meditate

– Keeping a Journal

– Not Taking Things Personal

– Supporting Black Men

Just to name a few.

In an interview with Black Book News Jamie Walker shares her inspiration forJamieWalker creating 101 Ways.

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Author Jamie Walker states the following. “I wrote 101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves after healing from a deep depression that I suffered from only years ago. The depression was the result of many things.”

“For instance, it was the result of not only falling out with a beloved and precious mentor, but also from resisting my calling and suppressing years of childhood sexual abuse. The book, then, was not only written because Spirit came to me and showed me that I needed to learn how to love myself unconditionally, but also because I knew several women within my own (and my mother’s) generation who also needed consciousness, enlightenment, and truth.”

101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves is an empowering motivational/inspirational book for Black women of all ages about self-actualization, the power of sisterhood, the healing power of sharing our own stories, and the beauty of lifting as we climb. The book reminds Black women that they are queens and, above all, human beings, who deserve to be loved, honored, cherished, and treated as such.”

Author Jamie Walker with Black Book News.

It seems as if 101 Ways touches  on everything that we have or will experience. If whys and why nots are floating through your head you might want to pick this one up.

For more of her in-depth interview [read here]

Jamie Walker is the author of 101 Ways Black Women Can Learn to Love Themselves: A Gift for Women of All Ages (Xlibris 2002). For more on Jamie Walker you can visit her at

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