Monday, June 18, 2018

Grow Your Money Even If You Don’t Know A Thing About The Stock Market.

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Tweet ( There are certain universal truths when it comes to money. We may have a little, we may have a lot, we may have just about enough to get by and we may have hardly any… But whatever our circumstances, we could always use more. As the cost of living crawls higher and higher (especially […]

Get You And Your Family Back In The Driver’s Seat After An Accident!

Tweet ( A car accident is always an incredibly traumatic and difficult situation to deal with. One that is only made worse if it’s something that your family has to go through. As an adult, being in an accident is enough to shake you to your very core, but for your kids, it can be one […]

Three Things to Help Your Work-Life Balance.

Tweet ( Getting a great work-life balance can seem like something that just is never going to happen. Either we are at work, or working from home and wondering if we are missing out on some time we could be spending with family or friends, or we might be with family and friends wondering if we […]

Can’t Work, But Can’t Afford To Take Sick Leave?

Tweet ( For many people who are ill, taking the choice to not go into work can be a difficult decision to make. Not all companies in America offer paid sick leave and those that do may only pay a small amount of compensation. Some people may choose to try and continue work and fight through […]

No Asian Nail Shops for Me.

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I appreciate being able to go to my black owned nail shop, that is clean, peaceful, and the energy is great. I know the women here, etc…

Here’s Why You Should Build a Construction Startup.

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Tweet ( Women are finally getting more than merely a foot in the door of entrepreneurship and it’s time to expand our horizons a bit. With about 4 million women who owned businesses 30 years ago, there are now around 11 million; that’s a tremendous growth that we’d like to push forward. While women do indeed […]

Top Tips to Get Your Office Looking Pristine.

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Tweet ( When you are working from home, whether it be in your home business or just working on projects in a home office, there can be a tendency to leave a lot of clutter in there. An office should be a space where your creativity can thrive, it should be clean and tidy, and have […]

How To Make Money From Home.

Tweet ( If you’re looking to make a steady income and no longer want to work the job that you’re doing right now, then you may be thinking about working from home. But if you’ve never done it before, you will need to know the kind of jobs that are available to you. Essentially, it all […]

I’ll Stick to Hotels.

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I’ve made up my mind. I will stick to hotels, family and friends. Airbnb lost a potential user…not because they did anything per se, etc…

Your Work Shouldn’t Push You Beyond Your Limits.

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Tweet ( We’re taught to always market yourself as an individual and make sure you’re the one apple that did fall far from the tree. When applying for a job, this is the exact mentality you need to take so that the employer can see you’re different. That’s what being the best candidate is all about, […]

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