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Basics Every New Driver Should Be Aware Of.

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Tweet ( Getting your licence and being able to drive on public roads independently is no minor feat. You need to complete a whole lot of lessons, do a whole lot of theory work and put hours of practice into nailing that test. But just because you have a licence doesn’t automatically mean you’ll know […]

Love Is An Act Of Voluntary Surrender.

Tweet ( Over the years, the world’s greatest thinkers have tried to define love. For some, it is a romantic sensation that makes you feel warm and mushy inside. For others, it is an action. Love is something you do, not something you feel. This school of thought sees relegating love to a feeling is […]

What Can Be Done With Video Content?

Tweet ( Video content can be a very effective piece in your social media marketing strategy. Video content can be a great way to help you to stand out amongst your competitors. It is also an ideal way to communicate directly with your customers, showcase why you’re the best at what you do, and aid […]

What Is Agtech And Why Should Farmers Invest In It?

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Tweet ( Agriculture is one of the major sectors where automation is becoming more common. Technology is changing farming, with things like driverless tractors and automated harvesters. As farms face new challenges posed by extreme weather, climate change, and the growing population, agtech is sure to only become more popular and commonplace.  What Is Agtech? […]

Stop Giving Stupidity Ammunition.

At the same time, we have to stop thinking that “sharing is caring”.  I know many childhood shows encouraged us to do this so we could think of more than ourselves, but sometimes we take it too far. We all know one person that would take Trump’s statement to heart. We all know someone who turn it into a joke. We all know a person whose hate for government is more than their love for society. Since we know people like this, we know that this information in their hands is not productive.  Common sense should tell you that some things do not need to be repeated.  It is giving stupidity a chance to run amuck more than it already is. 

Yes, Biden Has My Vote.

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However, I know I will contribute my vote to the cause of ending this current administration. Think about it, the leader of this nation has yet to truly talk to the nation about what we are facing. He hasn’t offered comforting words. Some of us would rather listen to just about any other person except the sitting president. There was not enough compassion in this man to address the fear of his people. He is devoid of leadership…I’ll take my chances into Biden.

What You Can Do to Stay Motivated.

Many successful people in life are where they are now because a lack of motivation was simply  not a good enough reason for them to not accomplish their goals in life.  You have to know and understand the root cause of your lack of motivation, you have to figure out how to address it and deal with it so that you can get the job done.  Take a break from whatever it is, go for a walk, get proper rest and stay motivated throughout the process.

Relaxing Activities (That Don’t Involve A Sun Salutation).

Tweet ( It seems that now more than ever, we all need to find ways to relax that suit our individual needs. There are so many different resources out there like meditation or mindfulness that take a while to get into, and while these practices are very beneficial, sometimes we need something a little bit […]

3 Ways to Put Your Mind At Ease Every Day.

Tweet ( The world is a stressful place. Right now, it feels more stressful than ever, and it can be difficult to put and keep your mind at ease. There is so much uncertainty about health, careers, and our families that it feels irresponsible to switch off our thoughts for just a second, but refusing […]

3 Tips for Ensuring Quality From Your Business.

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Tweet ( When running a business, you need to ensure that you provide the highest quality service possible. Otherwise, how can you expect to compete with other companies in your industry, and how can you expect to draw in customers? Many businesses encounter a problem: they try to go above and beyond for everything, but […]

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