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Relaxing Activities (That Don’t Involve A Sun Salutation).

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( It seems that now more than ever, we all need to find ways to relax that suit our individual needs. There are so many different resources out there like meditation or mindfulness that take a while to get into, and while these practices are very beneficial, sometimes we need something a little bit alternative that can almost instantaneously relax us. This may not necessarily be about spiritual practices but it can be about acquiring that feeling quickly. With this in mind, are there any methods, old and new, that we can all take advantage of?

Those “Old-Timer” Sports

We can very easily disregard something like golf or fishing because they don’t seem to speak to us. But there’s a lot to be said for those types of sports because it’s not about sitting on a dock for hours or moving really slowly through 18 holes. These things can be a meditation in their own way. There’s a lot to be said about getting into the flow state, which is, in itself, a form of meditation. And golf and fishing can prove very beneficial in this respect. Of course, these habits require a little bit of an investment, from fishing rods to plankton samplers or getting a whole trunk full of golf clubs, but when you look at people like Katharine Hepburn, who was a massive golfing fan maybe the old ones are truly the best?

Meditation Machines

People don’t have time to sit and try to get into a meditative state of mind. The great thing is that now there are so many little tricks that you can use to get yourself into that state. You can find numerous sites online that play binaural beats, but if you are struggling to sleep at night and you need a way to relax quickly, a meditation machine may very well be the answer. It’s something that plays binaural beats while you wear goggles that have flickering LEDs. The whole idea is that they play certain frequencies to get you into a specific state of mind, not just a relaxed state of mind, but a focused one. And you can even use meditation machines to help with certain cognitive functions like language learning.

Creating Something

You might feel that you don’t have the opportunity to sit down and create something that you would really like. But taking a little bit of time out, whether it’s on your lunch hour or on a Sunday afternoon to create something can make you feel relaxed, but it can also rejuvenate you. There’s a reason that people get into sewing or drawing; it’s a very meditative practice that makes you feel like you’ve created something of worth. But the great thing with being creative is that you can see the fruits of your labors at the very end. Taking the opportunity to create something gives you that all-important feeling of accomplishment. And when you start to express your creative flair, it becomes very addictive, and you want to keep regaining that feeling!

Sometimes it’s the old things that work the best, but it’s definitely possible to relax without doing a sun salutation. 

Staff Writer; Brenda Jackson

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