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Yes, Biden Has My Vote.

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(ThySistas.com) I know who Joe Biden is, and that knowledge began well before his Vice Presidency. I can admit he is not my favorite person. He’s not the candidate I wanted for the Democratic Nomination. It is important that I acknowledge I don’t feel politicians are to be trusted. Sometimes I wonder if they could be considered decent people due to some of the positions they take. Case and point, I love Barack Obama and I appreciate everything he represents. With that being said, I knew when he became president he would have to work within an institution that can not properly address the issues of black people in America until they can admit they are the reason the issues exist. Back to Joe Biden…I’ll never forget my feelings on him regarding the treatment of Anita Hill. He’s definitely no saint.

I don’t need someone to tell me to educate myself before declaring Biden has my vote. In a normal situation I would not be so resolved so soon. I would want to hear from both candidates as I am an independent. I would weigh past voting records in congress or standing in whatever career, character, and of course the issues. However, this is not a normal situation.

The handling of Covid-19 is only one in a laundry list of situations that have occurred that deems this administration unfit to lead. Thousands of Americans have dies for the ego of a person that doesn’t understand what it means to be President. Trump never held a position of service of any kind. He doesn’t understand this is a country not a business. He doesn’t get that he is responsible for Americans. Character means nothing because racism, sexism, and blatant criminality are allowed to exist behind the desk in the Oval Office. On the foreign front this country has been embarrassed on a level unimaginable. While many countries are coming together in this crisis…America is outside of the loop. Chasing the legacy of Barack Obama coupled with literally not knowing how to do one’s job has this administration behaving in an unconceivable manner.

The bottom line is not voting is voting for Trump. I knew from day one I would be voting for whoever was running against Trump. This is not rocket science. As I sit at home thinking about the risk outside my door, and that I love having passed, this man doesn’t deserve our vote. The blatant disregard for any measure of truth or facts is appalling. There are those that say, “all politicians lie”. That may very well be the truth, but this degree of insult is ridiculous. Biden doesn’t have my vote because I believe he’s just an amazing candidate. Biden has my vote because I honestly can’t endure another four years. The truth every person that was once in the running for the Democratic nomination was better than Trump.  This administration needs to go into obscurity never to be heard of again. This means I will deal with my thoughts on Joe Biden on another day.

However, I know I will contribute my vote to the cause of ending this current administration. Think about it, the leader of this nation has yet to truly talk to the nation about what we are facing. He hasn’t offered comforting words. Some of us would rather listen to just about any other person except the sitting president. There was not enough compassion in this man to address the fear of his people. He is devoid of leadership…I’ll take my chances into Biden.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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