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What Can Be Done With Video Content?

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( Video content can be a very effective piece in your social media marketing strategy. Video content can be a great way to help you to stand out amongst your competitors. It is also an ideal way to communicate directly with your customers, showcase why you’re the best at what you do, and aid your business in growing even more. Ideas for video content can be hard to come up with though. If you’re struggling to generate ideas for the video and aren’t sure what can be done with it, then try some of these effective ideas.  

1. Announce something big. Do you have something big to announce, such as the launch of an exciting, brand new product, or perhaps you have some other big news about your company? As well as writing the usual press release, make your announcement part of your video content plan. Instead of just writing a dull post for Facebook, film a short clip of you making the announcement and share it all over your social media networks. By using a video, you can encourage genuine excitement through your personality and tools like on-screen animations.  

2. Parody something popular. Parody is very shareable if you get it right it. Is there a famous clip from a movie, music video, or internet meme that is very popular right now that you could do something with? A creative twist on something fresh or joining in with social media challenges, like the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Harlem Shake from a few years ago, is always popular online and can show some humanity behind a business. If you’re going to do this, be sure to act quickly, so the thing you’re referencing is still popular. If you’re too slow to create this content, you’ll just look like you’re behind on the trends. 

3. Film testimonials. A lot of businesses don’t realize just how effective video testimonials can be. Short written testimonials on your website are the norm on business websites and they do work, but you should also try to interview your most loyal customers for video testimonials too. The advantage of video testimonials is that they appear more trustworthy than one you have written down yourself. Seeing a real person talk also makes it easier for potential customers to connect with what the person in the video is speaking about. Click here to learn more about the video production that could be used to film these.  

4. Give a demonstration. Does your product need some instructions to work it? Instead of just producing a standard set of written instructions, film a demonstration too. Share a filmed walkthrough of your service or product. Get hands-on and show off why what you offer is so great. A video demo can be easier to understand and it is easier to showcase the benefits that it is in written instructions. It’s advertising as well as information.

5. Host a Q&A session. Your audience will probably have a few questions about your service or product. If you realize that you’re often asked the same kind of questions in your inbox, then you should host a Q&A session. You could ask people to send you questions in advance and film you answering the most common ones, or you could host a live stream online and talk questions live. By doing this, you can effectively engage with interested potential customers, show how knowledgeable and approachable you are, and hopefully, convince potential leads to convert into paying customers. 

6. Go behind the scenes. Everyone enjoys a peek behind the scenes of a popular business and feel like they’re seeing something that nobody else has access to. It can make people feel as though they’re getting an exclusive look at what you do. Seeing how things are done when customers can’t see you can also help people to feel included in your brand. Seeing the work can also encourage a connection between you and your customer, and increase interest in what you’re doing. You could film a walkthrough of your production line, for example, which people might be more interested in than you might think. 

7. Show your creation process. Are you working on designing a new product line? Generate interest before it’s released by showing off the hard work that goes into creating something new. Share the steps that you need to take from concept to finished product. You can do this for new services too. This can help to create more interest in whatever you’re planning to launch and show why you’re the most skilled at what you offer. 

Staff Writer; Mary Brown

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